Frank & Steins revisited

Frank and Steins

Frank and Steins seems to be more enjoyable every time I come here.  I can honestly say that the first time I came here, I didn’t think much of it.  Service was average to poor and the food took awhile.  Well, it’s Friday night and I think I’m going to see what’s going on Downtown.  Might as well grab a bite to get my night started!  It’s pretty crowded, as expected but I found a spot at the bar.  I’m not a big beer drinker so I get a cider.  Don’t you beer snobs give me any grief!  I selected the Crispin Cider, quite tasty.


Time for a different dog.  You know, it’d be pretty fun if they had a hot dog punch card.  Like one of those ‘wall of beer” cards?  Yeah, I would totally take the challenge.  Not in one sitting of course, that’d be a horrible morning.  Moving on…  The menu never changes here but there are plenty of options and you can always customize your dog.  I selected the OFD.  It’s got a “Spicy polish Vienna dog with chili, nacho cheese, fresh jalapenos, and crispy fried onions.”  I’m sold!  Spicy chili cheese dog?  YES!  Might as well get some Jalapeno kettle cooked chips to round out my spicy experience.


Warning, this is a messy dog but you’ll surely enjoy it.  Great flavor, honestly I wouldn’t add anything else to it.  I guess I might have to make it a personal challenge to myself to try all the Signature Franks.



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