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It’s Sunday morning and I’m hungry.  As in I need food, NOW!  Hmm…Where to go?  I’m certainly not going to Keke’s.  I may go back one day…in the far distant future.  Well besides the fact that I’ve established where I’m not going to get breakfast, I’m in need of some food in my belly!  Close by, is Cracker Barrel.  Now, I remember my first experience at Cracker Barrel back in August 2004 somewhere in the middle of Alabama.  Boy, have my thoughts on this place changed since then.

Cracker Barrel is a southern food style restaurant with a store in the front.  Rocking chairs everywhere, household gifts inside and nostalgic candy.  If you’ve been to one, it’s pretty much the same thing for all of them.  Not saying that’s a bad thing, at least that ensures consistency.  I’ve always said if  you do something, do it well.  For breakfast, Cracker Barrel hasn’t disappointed me so far.  It was pretty packed inside but my friend and I managed to get seated quickly.  Our server, Sarah was prompt with our order.  I decided to get “Momma’s French Toast Breakfast”.  You can select between various fruit toppings for the French toast or 100% natural syrup.  For those who are into low carb diets, there are low carb options available.  I toyed with the idea of getting a low carb breakfast but nahhh, I’m going for the French toast!  To occupy your time. the table has those wooden peg board games.  Did I mention how nostalgic this place is?


My food is here! Boy, am I ready!  Four slices of sourdough bread dipped in eggs, topped with peaches and whipped cream.  What’s not to love?  I enjoyed it thoroughly although I do feel 4 slices of french toast is a bit too much to consume.  Especially since I had scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon as well.  Presentation-wise, my eggs didn’t look neat or scrambled really.  More like a haphazard omelet/scrambled egg product.  Hey, it tasted good so I wasn’t going to complain although I did ask for no whipped cream on my French toast.  Oh wells, these are only minor things.  The bacon was right on the money, thick and crispy.  All in all I’m full in a good way, mission accomplished.



After eating, I like to wander around the store and see what interesting products they have.  Candy, clothes, music, random knickknacks, it’s fun to see.   You’ll find this location in front of the Target on OBT and 417.



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