Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Rice

It’s Super Bowl Sunday!  Not that I care that much about football.  Of course most people enjoy it for the Super Bowl itself but as for me, I enjoy it for the food.  This is the time to let ones creativity flow!  Although I’m not hosting a party this year, and I probably won’t for many years, I still think it’s awesome to see what people do.  I was invited to a friend’s football party which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Super Bowl RiceHow is this not cute?!  It’s a football-shaped dish.  There was seasoned rice, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, masago, seafood, crab, and what tasted like aburaage.  I thought this was very cute and tasty.  Imagine if you will, a deconstructed sushi.  YUM!







Fruit saladThen we had some amazing fruit salad.  It had strawberries, kiwi, mandarin oranges, beans and some sort of jelly.  I love the beautiful colors in this.  It was very delicious.


Both dishes really integrated the senses, which I love.  I love combining all the senses, the visual aspect, the actual taste, the smell, the texture.  I suppose the audio portion isn’t as big into food as the others but it does have it’s place.  I can’t wait to get back into the kitchen and make some culinary creations of my own!

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