Michelle’s Homemade Golden Sana Banana Chips


Banana chips. So many kinds, so many flavors? Let me tell you, Michelle’s Homemade Golden Sana Banana Chips are DELICIOUS! Golden, sweet, crunchy, and just plain amazing. Amazon does sell these chips but it’d be worth it to check out at your local Asian grocery store. Everyone that has tasted these chips so far absolutely love it. These banana chips are not different in their taste but also by the way they’re sliced. It’s more like long banana chips so you have various size of pieces yet the flavor and thickness remains consistent.

MichellesHomemadeGoldenSananBananaChipsNutritionLabel7 grams of dietary fiber never tasted so sweet. And no preservatives? Yes, please! These Phillipino snacks are a new favorite for me!


5 Comments  to  Michelle’s Homemade Golden Sana Banana Chips

  1. some another options are also available in the market

  2. Natasha says:

    In what market in southern California can i find these? The market i once bought them from is no longer in business

  3. Natasha says:

    the store where I wants bought the Michelle’s homemade banana chips is no longer in business, can someone tell me where I can purchase them at a local store in Southern California