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SharkeysBarLocated in downtown Miami, off of Biscayne Blvd we have Sharkey’s Beer & Wine.  I stumbled upon this “dive bar” while walking around Bayside Marketplace.  This was my first time here, nice outdoor mall setting with a great outdoor view.  I was more hungry than thirsty but the large display of bottled beers caught my eye.  And they have food?  Hmmm. Well, the prices are very reasonable here.  Most bottles are about 5 dollars or more.  I’m definitely not a big beer drinker but the Wild Blue Lager was pretty tasty!  I also drank some the Venezuelan Polar Beer, Vanilla Porter, and Franziskaner Weissbier.




The service was mediocre.  Not horribly but certainly nothing to speak about.  I asked one of the bartenders what are the best food items on the menu.  Not surprisingly, she recommends the two most expensive items which were the Alligator Tidbits and the seafood platter.  It really felt like she was upselling me here.  It is bar food so it wasn’t THAT expensive.  Well, it’s been ages since I’ve had gator meat so I went for it.  What it taste like?  Exactly how I remembered it.  If you haven’t had gator meat before, I would describe it as the texture of pork, the dominant flavor of chicken with a hint of fish. Perhaps not the most appetizing description but it’s accurate.  The menu description reads: “The Sharkey’s all-time favorite! Lightly dusted, farm raised gator meat tenders, with a little kick. Served with cocktail sauce.”  Last time I checked, buffalo sauce isn’t cocktail sauce but with the addition of ketchup, I made it work.  I ate my bucket of gator meat and towards the end, I’m pretty much gator-ed out.  After drinking three beers and a half-bucket of gator meat, I don’t think ordering more food would be ideal.  Even though it wasn’t super delicious or anything, it’s something to try,  These gator meat tenders were pretty decent sized.


I loved the large selection of beer and the view was great. Great location, good prices, okay service,  okay food.  Definitely a cool little spot to come back to.
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