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Willy’s Mexicana Grill is located on Archer Road among all the other restaurants.  I really didn’t have a craving for anything in particular but I was in the mood to try a new place.  It’s set up like Moe’s or Chipotle where the employees make the meal in front of you.  To the left, there’s the big menu board.  For the vegetarians out there, they have tofu and of course, lots of fresh veggies.WillysMexicanaGrillInterior

I selected the burrito bowl for my meal.  One time, I made the mistake of eating a whole humongous burrito one time and suffered a horrible tummy ache.  No more, I say, no more!  Sorry, horrible flashback.  My burrito bowl consisted of the rice, black beans, cilantro-garlic steak, salsa, cilantro, cheese, lettuce, black olives, tomatillo sauce, and corn salsa.  Chips come on the side.


WillysMexicanaGrillBurritoBowlMy verdict: “ehh.”  The food is definitely fresh but it seemed like it was lacking.  I needed some extra OOMPH.  My “cilantro-garlic steak” wasn’t that flavorful, quite a shame really since it sounded tasty.   I even went up to the salsa bar and tried to pizzazz my burrito bowl with different sauces.  The chips were good, very thin and crispy.  You’ll get a generous portion but for the flavor, I’d go elsewhere.  Service was good, food could be better.WillysMexicanaGrillBurritoBowlSideView





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