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I was on my way to the beach in Miami and I drove past a small bakery.  Wait…. a bakery with Chinese characters?  U-TURN!!  Yep, I made a u-turn and headed towards it.  For some reason, I had a feeling it’d be authentic.  As I parked, I see an Asian family come out with a cake.  That’s a good sign.  Alright!  Time for another random foodventure.MaryAnnDisplay

It’s a small bakery.  Upon entering, I see the display in front of me.  To left, there are some canned beverages.  Nothing fancy in here, just simply pastries, buns, and cakes.  The single-serving items are generally priced around $ 1.25-1.50 each.  I ordered the dan tat (egg tart/egg custard tart) and a pineapple bun (polo bun).

MaryAnnDanTatAn egg tart looks like a tiny pie.  A typical Chinese egg tart will have a nice flaky crust (like a pie crust).  The dan tat was so good!  It tasted so fresh, with that homemade quality.  The egg custard filling seemed a bit lighter tasting to me, not overwhelmingly egg-flavored.  Nice beautiful golden color, tasty custard.  I usually don’t like to eat more than one egg tart, but I probably could have eaten a few more of these.  This one is a winner!

MaryAnnPineappleBunThe pineapple bun had a sugar topping on it.  It doesn’t actually have any pineapple in it but it is merely called that due to the topping on it being shaped like a pineapple.  Sometimes it may have a nice scored pattern, or some bakeries will have it just encrusted with no particular form.  The pineapple bun here is straight up traditional style.  The dough is sweet, no filling inside with a crunchy sweet topping.  I usually have some kind of filling inside but it’s nice to go the old-fashioned route here and there.  It was a good size and very nostalgic.

For two pastries, it costed me $2.25.  I was very surprised with the quality of the pastries and thought the price was very reasonable.  It’s a small little place filled with authentic Chinese baked goods.  Nice little spot to check out if you’re in the area.  It’s best to bring cash although Mary Ann Bakery does accept credit cards with a minimum purchase of $10.

Mon-Sun 8:30 am – 5 pm
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