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RoccoTacosExteriorRocco’s Tacos.  What’s the big fuss about?  It’s one of the newer restaurants in the Dr. Phillips area, also known to others as Restaurant Row.  Rocco’s Tacos definitely has a great location with a beautiful view in the back.  I went in on a Sunday afternoon so it wasn’t that crowded.  The drink selection was a bit overwhelming with everything screaming “sweet drinks” at me.  If you are in the mood for a margarita, you are in luck.  I settled with a beer on tap, easy enough.

I really liked the decor in the restaurant.  Funky lights and a nice view, great for a Sunday afternoon.  The music was a bit random.  I consider it as hits of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today.  Definitely a wide range and not what I would have anticipated.  The service was alright.

RoccosTacosAvocadoStandRoccosTacosFreshGaucamoleThe guacamole is made at the tableside and I had mine extra spicy.  It was really good!  The individual who made my guacamole made it just right.  It was well balanced, fresh, spicy, flavorful, and I loved the cilantro in it.  Yum!  It’s cool that they serve the guacamole in a molcajete (mortar).  I suggest ordering the half-size portion for 2 people.  The tortilla chips were a bit thicker than I’m usually accustomed to.  These chips were seasoned with what tastes like a slightly sweet chili seasoning.  If you eat these plain, it’ll taste bland unless you get one of the ones that were heavily seasoned.  It was different but tasted a whole lot better with the guacamole.

RoccosTacosMahiCochinitasChorizoAs far as the menu goes, there’s tacos (obviously), quesadillas, salads, sandwiches, enchiladas,     specialties and some entrees served in a heated molcajete.  I’m always a fan of trying multiple things so I ordered three tacos, the cochinitas achiote (slow roasted pork), chorizo, and blackened mahi.  I tried some of the carne asada, and my first thought was “eh.”  My cochinitas achiote had a nice reddish color (as expected).  With my first bite I thought it tasted flavorful but after two to three bites later, it was just salty.  My friend agreed with me.  No salt on the chips and all on the cochinitas achiote.  The chorizo is not spicy at all.  I had to ask the server to make sure I got the right dish because it really just looked like ground beef.  I could only wonder what the carne molida (spicy ground beef would taste like).  Last but not least, I had the blackened mahi taco.  This was one pretty good.  Nice seasoning on the fish.  The cotija cheese didn’t really add much to my tacos.  I was left underwhelmed with the tacos (aside from the mahi).

All in all, good guacamole, great view, enjoyable atmosphere, mediocre tacos.  Sadly to say, Rocco’s Tacos wasn’t rocking for me.
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