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SquidLipsSebastianExteriorSquid Lips.  I’ve heard the name before, who could forget a name like that?  As I was driving along in Sebastian, I happened to pass one.  After I went skydiving, I was a wee bit nauseated and needed some “nom noms”.  (A word to the wise, don’t go skydiving on an empty stomach.)  Now since that’s out of the way, my compadre “R” suggest Squid Lips.  She said one of her friends had worked at one and said it was good.  Sounds like a plan to me!

SquidLipsViewSquidLipsBloodMaryThe location of Squid Lips in Sebastian is on the water.  Definitely a great location, beautiful view.  There are lunch specials if you purchase a drink but mostly sandwiches/wraps though.  Nothing exciting.  My friend ordered a Bloody Mary.  I decided to sit out on this one.  Nausea + Alcohol = Probably not a good idea.  It looked great though, huge olives, shrimp on the side.

The menu features drinks, appetizers, seafood, and more.  The drinks were reasonably priced, cheaper than I had expected.  “R” was one of my classmates from culinary school and one of the main girls of our “chefettes” group.  So you know we definitely looked over the menu.  We settled on some coconut shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops and a dozen oysters.  Need some seafood to enjoy with this view!

SquidLipsOystersFirst the fresh dozen oysters are out.  On the menu they are listed as “market” price but it costed 15-16.  These fresh oysters are from Texas although the server didn’t know often they’re shipped in.  I’m sorry but if you list something as fresh and charge it as “market price,” you really ought to know more about it.  Not only did she not know, she didn’t even go check.  I could understand if it was fairly busy and not being able to find out, but it’s the fact she didn’t even ask.  Hey, I’m pretty serious when it comes to my food.  As far as the flavor of the oysters, it tasted good, so good that we ordered another dozen.  Might as well since we’re already here.  We decided to stop at a 2 dozen.  Oysters aren’t very filling.

SquidLipsCoconutShrimpNext up are the coconut shrimp.  Average coconut shrimp, fairly decent.  The sauce was less than desirable.  The island dipping sauce was very reminiscent of duck sauce.  Both “R” and I are not a fan of the sauce.  The coconut shrimp here is a little more sweet than typical since they use a coconut rum batter.

Last but not least, the Cajun bacon wrapped scallops. Yes, I said bacon and scallops.  YUM!  Four grilled bacon wrapped sea scallops so you know they’re a good size.  Served with a honey lime sauce.  The scallops were ALMOST on the verge of being overdone.  Perfect scallops should have a nice tenderness in the middle.  Flavorwise, it had a tiny hint of spiciness which I enjoyed.  The honey lime sauce?  Not so much.  Again, what is up with the sauces?  Squid Lips, you’re trying too hard.  The food was good but the sauces just aren’t working.  The honey lime sauce ended up toning the scallops down too much.  What’s the point of making them “cajun” if you’re going to put that honey lime sauce on it.  I’m not a fan of the sauces.SquidLipsBaconWrappedScallops

I’m still ready to eat and one of the desserts caught my eye.  Key Lime Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake. Whoa, that was a mouthful.  First thing I thought when I saw the slice of cheesecake, whip cream much?  Also a rule of thumb when plating is to NOT  have the dinnerware as the same color of the food.  My cheesecake was blending into the plate.  White chocolate chips on the outside, raspberry swirls throughout, it looks good aside from the massive amount of whip cream.  Where’s the key lime flavor?  Key lime is very distinct and it really didn’t stand out in this cheesecake.  It tastes okay, not phenomenal.  Not worth $5.99.SquidLipsSebastianKeyLimeRaspberryWhiteChocolateCheesecake

Ok, so with one bloody mary, two dozen oysters, coconut shrimp appetizer, bacon wrapped scallops appetizer, and a slice of cheesecake came out to over $70.  Yeesh.  The server wasn’t very personable.  Food is overpriced but it’s a great place for relaxing the day away.  Definitely get the bacon wrapped scallops sans sauce.  I still had an enjoyable experience and if I’m back in the area, I’ll drop by for a drink or two.



Sun -Thu  11 am – 9 pm
Fri – Sat    11 am – 10 pm

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