2013 Florida International Beer Festival in Orlando


I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I’m not the biggest beer fan in the world.  Terrible, I know.  BUT I want to learn!  Being such a food enthusiast, I do think it’s good to have some sort of understanding/appreciation for craft beers.  Also, places that have craft beers tend to have ciders which I most definitely enjoy.


I recently went to the 20th Annual Florida International Beer Festival, on May 18.  It was at the History Center in Downtown Orlando.  An opportunity arose for this fantastic event when I won a free ticket.  Let’s just say that I’m very attached to my phone and I’ve got quick fingers.  Through the powers of Yelp I got a free ticket.  Speaking of which, I love Yelp.  If you want to get an idea of what’s going on in town, Yelp is a great resource.

BigPapaSaucesSo this was my first beer festival!  I was actually super excited about it.  So I got my beer cup and I started doing my rounds.  It was even better that there was some food.  One especially to make note of was Big Papa’s Sauces.  The Sweet & Spicy Hot Sauce had such an amazing balance between the sweet and spiciness.  The spicy really came out at the end.  Wow!  The other ones were pretty decent but the Sweet & Spicy Hot Sauce was definitely a winner.


As far as beers go, I definitely tried a lot.  The Florida Avenue Blueberry was good, you could smell the beer but it wasn’t too sweet.


I liked Pilsen, nice and light.


Medalla Light, apparently this is the Puerto Rican piss beer but I didn’t think it was that bad.

I think the worst drink of the night for me was the Mango Mead.  Too cough syrup-like and too sickeningly sweet.  This is coming from a girl who likes her framboise and ciders.

McKenziesHardCidersMy highlight of the festival would have to have been McKenzie’s Hard Cider Special Reserve.  It’s Autumn in a bottle!  I could definitely taste the cinnamon!  Delicious!  (Although having it cold was quite refreshing, I can see it being equally great served warm.)


For it being my first beer festival, I had an amazing time!  If you haven’t been to a beer fest, you should definitely check it out.  It was a fun time trying the different beers and I also saw an awesome t-shirt.


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