Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet Manasses, VA



It’s been a little while since I had a post since I hadn’t had steady internet access.  The little things we don’t ever think about.  Anyhow, Dad and I were looking for dinner and Dad sees an ad in the Chinese newspaper.  I like to try different things and he likes to eat a lot.  So, we decided to go get dinner here for $10.95 per person on a Saturday night.  It looked like just about any other Chinese buffet I had ever been to yet.  (Yes, I’m Chinese and I do eat at Chinese buffets.  Only with my family.)  The interior is set up average like any other Chinese buffet.

TeppanyakiSinkI went to the restroom and went to wash my hands.  There’s a HOLE in the sink.  As in I can stick my hand through this.  No warning sign, no tape, nothing.  Wow.

I go to get sushi and I’m just looking at it, do I really want to chance it?  The avocados in the sushi looked “iffy”.  The seaweed salad was good but c’mon that’s premade (the buffet doesn’t get any points for that).  The raw oysters were the most snotty-like unflavored room temperature blobs I have ever tasted.  I really enjoy raw oysters, freshly shucked ones and all… but this, this was disgusting.  I couldn’t consume it.  It was probably a good thing that I didn’t either.

Fine, oysters were gross but it’s called Teppanyaki Grill so I get my plate for the hibachi.  Terrible quality for the “steak” and my food was burnt.  Really?!  Burnt noodles, shrimp, eggs and all.  It’s called Teppanyaki Grill!  Oy.  Even the General Tso’s chicken was soggy.  The clam chowder was watery.   Of all things, the mac and cheese was actually ok.

There’s just soooo much fried food here.  Golden yellow food everywhere.  The fried food lovers won’t be disappointed here.

The crowd were was a good mix of everything but lots of kids.  There was quite a bit of Asian folks as well.  I actually wanted to stop all the Asian people and ask them,”What are you doing here?!?!  I’m pulling your Asian card!”  Sigh.  I’m pretty much done with this place but Dad still wants to chow down.


One of the desserts happened to pique my interest.  Something that actually looks authentic?  Coconut milk tapioca pearl dessert.  It’s a sweet, cold treat with the small tapioca pearls (not the ones for bubble tea).  How did it taste here?  Not sweet enough and the green and orange bits were honeydew and cantaloupe scraps.  Really?!  It didn’t even add anything to the dish.  Why bother?!


I wasn’t expecting authentic Chinese food here but at least tasty food.  I have been to plenty of Chinese buffets in my day and this one certainly falls short.



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