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DessertLadyEXteriorI was recently invited to an “Tweet for Treats” event at the Dessert Lady Bakery.  I had heard this place was really good and even saw a recent post from Foodbidden.  Awwwwwwesome…  The Dessert Lady used to be in downtown but ended up moving to the Dr. Phillips area.  It’s in the shopping plaza, a few doors down from Pinkberry’s and Christini’s.  Even before I entered the Dessert Lady, I knew it was going to be a great time.  Cute exterior with the black and pink, it definitely stands out.  Adorable display in the window full of cupcakes and cake slices, I felt a little “teehee” go off inside me.  The set up was a long table with white linens with twitter cookies laid out.  I felt like I just entered the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party  but much more girly.


DessertLadyBlueCupcakeDessertLadyWhiteCupcakesCupcakes, cookies, and quiches, oh my!  As I wandered around, I finally met the Dessert Lady herself, Ms. Patti Schmidt.  Patti has such an effervescent personality!  I talked with her a little bit about the move from downtown to the present location.  She seemed very happy with the move.  Being at her previous location , it took her away from the customers, she was always so busy.  When you come to the bakery now, it will usually be Patti taking your order.  You can tell she loves to mingle and interact with her customers.


I had a little tour of the bakery where all the magic happens!  The pink is everywhere but it’s infectiously positive.  (Even the restroom was pink.)

DessertLadyCarrotCakeDessertLadyQuicheDown to business, how wonderfully wicked are the desserts here?  Ohhh…. they are wicked indeed.  I can’t recall when I had a meal solely made up of desserts.  The blue and white cupcakes had cream cheese frosting.  Not overwhelming sweet and very light.  I personally am not a fan of buttercream so this frosting was great.  To me, buttercream is too greasily sweet.  So if you’re hanging out with me, I’m more than likely going to give you my frosting.  The Carrot Cake was firm yet moist.  As in, it was dense but not dry or oily.  Patti says she loves all her desserts but the carrot cake is the best seller.  I’ve had carrot cake many different ways but this is seriously good.  I am really loving the cream cheese frosting because it’s so light and slightly tart.  We also sampled of the ham quiches and spinach quiches.  Both of which were very tasty.


The other food bloggers and I had the opportunity to sample her other desserts.  The Coconut Brûlée Cheesecake was amazing.  FYI, this is not a dense cheesecake.  It is a bit lighter but definitely full of flavor.  Macadamia nut crust?  Yes, please!  To make it even sweeter, there was a toasted coconut and caramel sauce on top.


The Key Lime Cake is soaked with a special rum glaze.


The Fudge Ripple Bread Pudding was another amazing dessert.  Although it was a bit rich for me, it balanced out with a cup of black coffee.


The Bourbon Pecan Pie was also another amazing treat.


We even tried a cute chocolate cake filled with cannoli cream.

I had so much desserts at this point, I couldn’t fathom to take another bite.  The Chocolate Zucutto looked great.  Dessert overload, I really was stuffed.  I noticed most of the frostings were light but very flavorful and none of the desserts were too rich.  Presentation was great, the staff at the Dessert Lady was very friendly, there was not a bite I ate that I regretted.


Okay, so the exciting news!  The Dessert Lady is joining the food truck scene!  (But with a twist.)  How awesome is that?  It’s a great thing to hear and I know Patti is going to do so well!  It’s not quite ready yet but definitely keep your eye out for it.  :)  Everything I tasted was absolutely wonderful.  Here you have a woman with no culinary training, who has turned something she loved into something amazing.


It’s a bit hidden to find the Dessert Lady but it’ll be worth it.

Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm

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    Do you give receipe for your cream cheese icing