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I talk about food ALL the time but I do have other interests as well.  I promise I’m not eating 24/7.  Let’s see, some of my other interests would include music, photography, and random adventures.  So, not terribly long ago I purchased a Groupon for Colors & Bottles.  Colors and Bottles is a website that specializes in painting classes in select cities.  What you do is, go to the website, select the city you’re closest to, pick out the art you would like to paint and purchase a ticket.  The painting classes are not at a specific location but rather a few different ones depending on which date you picked.  So the artwork and the location varies, also some of the classes are BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage).

You can go on the website and look at the different artwork they have up.  The styles vary and the prices do too.  Expect to pay around $20-35.

It’s fun because you make your own artwork.  I seriously haven’t painted anything since I was in 5th grade, so it was pretty exciting to me.

The original artwork I picked out got changed at the last minute so I signed up for a different class instead.  My location for the event was the Falcon Bar in Thornton Park.  It was a small place and it filled up pretty quickly.


There was the artist and an assistant who helped her out.  We had our little aprons on, a blank canvas and some paint.  I was pretty eager since it had been ages where I painted anything for “art”.  Painting the house doesn’t count!  Well, since the class was at the Falcon Bar, alcoholic beverages were available.  I, however, didn’t drink because I wanted to be focused.  Not sure how buzzed artwork would turn out.  I generally like to try things sober first.  It’s…usually a good idea.


Well, our instructor would tell us what colors to blend, the direction to paint and all that good stuff.  It was fun mixing the colors and at one point. she told us to get creative.  You don’t have to tell me twice!

I went completely off the original path and I loved it!  Colors and Bottles is great for private events!  It’s just $35, you pick the date, location, and your painting.  I really enjoyed it and got to explore the artistic side that I didn’t know the Feisty Foodist had in her.

I present to you…“Mango of the Night”!  My first masterpiece!  I may have to sign up for more classes and start a collection.  It was a fun time and definitely great for groups!  The prices are reasonable especially since they supply everything to you.


Go ahead, sign up, try something different and the most important thing, have fun!

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