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Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind show?  If you don’t mind or actually like getting wet, DRIP is definitely something to check out.  DRIP is multi-sensory show involving live music, water, paint, sand, and strobe lights.

It’s located on I-drive, right behind Denny’s/Senor Frogs.  It’d probably be best to pay for parking unless you want the thrill of maybe having your car towed.  You can come in an hour prior to show time.  Shows are only on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays nights.  Tickets are generally $35.  I brought my own ear plugs but if you forget to bring them, it’s $1 a pair.

DripPaintStationSo you go inside, mingle around, get a t-shirt if you so desire.  Tickets with the DRIP t-shirt is $43.  Staff is available to cut it and do all sorts of neat stuff to it.  Then there’s the bar with the 4 colored beers, wine and when I went, they had pizza.  An oxygen bar is also available.  Then there’s paint station, have fun, it’s washable paint!  I got one of the shirts and started getting my art on.  Paint,  mingle, drink, and wait.  Although show time was at 9 pm, it didn’t start till quite a bit afterwards.

Apparently, the cast had consisted of male and females but my show was all females.  For some individuals, they may not enjoy that aspect.  For some… it may be even more appealing.

DripStageThe beginning started abruptly but it was entertaining.  It definitely got everyone’s attention.  The show began at the bar and moved to the “theater” area.  We all migrated over there and stood against the wall.  There are no seats aside from the bar area, so you will be standing the whole time.  I had no clue what the storyline was but it doesn’t take terribly long to figure out.  The basic gist was a love story gone awry.


Here’s a little snippet of some of the show:

You could hear my friend telling me to watch out.  This was merely seconds before water balloons bursted against the walls above my head.  So I knew I was going to get wet…. but I didn’t realize how wet and sandy I would have gotten.  There were some scenes where both my friend and I were looking around bewildered.  “WTH is that water coming from?!”  If you want the full experience, stand in the middle area.

DripBandI really enjoyed the music a lot but I was definitely glad I brought the ear plugs.  I thought the music sounded great and it was coordinated well with the lighting.  It had a grungy feel, nice bass.  I am ALL about the bass!

The choreography was cool to watch.  It was interesting to see how they used elements like water and sand with the dancing.  I can’t say I’ve seen pants filled with sand before.  The dancers here really don’t mind getting messy.


I HIGHLY suggest bringing a change of clothes.  The website suggested sneakers (make sure you don’t bring your nice kicks.)  I wore my flippy-floppies instead and I sure was glad I did.  Squishy shoes are no bueno.  My friend and I ended up stanky from all the colored beer, water, sand and paint.



DripBackSo yeah, got some paint, water and sand on me.  Front AND back.  All in all, I had a lot of fun. Fantastic music, good show, creative choreography, and nice lighting effects.  The show last about 2 hours-ish.

FYI: Every Thursday night, after the show DRIP has local artists selling some artwork.


Who knew you’d find something like this on I-drive?!  Check out a cool show and get messy!






For those who love a deal, LivingSocial currently has 2 tickets for $38.  There are also some other discounts for 4 or 6 tickets.

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