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100MontaditosExteriorWho likes sammiches?  I know I do but I also like variety.  There’s an international quick casual food chain in Waterford Lakes that offers 100 different types of mini-sandwiches, 100 Montaditos.  There are currently 10 locations open in the United States but only one in the central FL area.  The tag line is “From Spain With Love.”


The interior is predominantly red and black, minimalistic with tiny stools and some hightops.
Top Pop music is noted in the background.


100MontaditosMenuOrder100MontaditosCounterYou place your order at the counter but you’ll want to grab a menu and look over the selection first.  For those who want to put in a quick order here, there are three samplers available.  The Top 6 Montaditos, the Meat Lovers Montaditos, and the Vegetarian Montaditos.  Each platter is $8, if you purchase 2 samplers then it’s $14.  You get the order pad and write your selections in.  The sandwiches individually are priced at either $1, $1.50, $2 or $2.50.  There are other food items as well such as the Brava potatoes (potato wedges), French Fries, salads, and tapas.

100MontaditosSpanishMixersAlcoholic beverages are available for purchase such as beer, sangria and wine.  There are Spanish Mixers like the Calimocho – $3.50 (Pepsi and sweet red wine).  The other mixers are some variation of soda and wine.  Overall, pretty tasty stuff.



100MonatditosMeatLoversPlatter100 Montaditos has 4 types of bread: chapata (it’s like ciabatta), whole wheat, regular, and chocolate.  The sandwiches are served with potato chips.  I thought #91: Caprese (Serrano Ham, mozzarella, tomato and pesto in chapata) was very tasty.  I found #95: Chicken Club very dry.  The chicken strips here tended to be on the drier side and salty.  #33: Ham, cheddar cheese, tomato and mayo was enjoyable.  If you don’t like crunchiness in your tuna salad, then you’re in luck if you order #76: Tuna salad, lettuce, tomato.   The #40: Pulled BBQ pork, cream cheese and crispy onions was okay until I got a big glob of cream cheese.   After eating more than 5 of these in one sitting, the sandwiches started to blend in.  The bread was good but nothing really stood out or wowed me.  If you’re craving something sweet, there’s the “Sweet Montaditos” for $2 each.  I had the #97: Chocolate spread and dulce de leche.  It was enjoyable although towards the end, it was a bit too much bread for me.


With this many selections, it’s easy to forget what you’ve tried.  There’s an Android app you can download to keep track of your montaditos called “My Montaditos”.


So what do I think of 100 Montaditos?  It’s great if you like trying all sorts of mini sandwiches but I find this establishment is lacking consistency.  I’ve ordered some of the same sandwiches on different days, and sometimes there’s less filling.  (I’ve gotten more filling on some of my sandwiches on Dollarmania Wednesdays!  Go figure!)  I would only come here on Wednesdays but depending on the time of the day, you’ll deal with long lines.  It’s a nice novelty concept but the poor execution makes it hard for me to want to come back as a regular.  This is not one of my “MUST TRY” restaurants but it’s good option if you’re looking for a cheap meal in the Waterford Lakes area.


100MontaditosSignDollarmania Wednesdays:
$1: All montaditos, small appetizers and soft drinks.
$2: Spanish mixers, beer, wine, large appetizers and salads.
$10: Beer buckets

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