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I’m hungry and I don’t feel like driving far.  I also don’t want to eat fast food, what options do I have left?!  Well, it’s lunch time so lunch time specials, here I come!  For anyone who has a hearty appetite, Aztec D’Oro is a great spot.  Aztec D’Oro is located in the Hunter’s Creek area on South Orange Blossom Trail.  I haven’t been here that frequently but I’ve always enjoyed the food.  Today was no exception.


As I got seated, the server Natalia, promptly greeted me in Spanish and English.  She was very friendly and knowledgeable of the menu.  The decor reminded me of when I was in San Antonio, TX.  I start to browse the menu searching for something I hadn’t tried before.  As I continue looking, I already start eating some of the complimentary chips and salsa.  Usually, the salsa the Mexican restaurants bring out are pretty mediocre but this had a hint of a slightly sweet and a roasted pepper flavor.  Needless to say, I ate a ton of chips.



Ah, I see soup! Love me some chowdah, although it’s not the typical kind.  “Azteca Diablo Shrimp and Tequila Chowder”.  Don’t mind if I do!  It had a whole bunch of awesome in it.  Shrimp, chorizo, cilantro, green chiles, and jalapenos were the key players.  Definitely something to try although I will say that the shrimp in the soup was overcooked.  Aside from that fact, the soup was delicious.  Very hearty and the size portion was a lot bigger than I anticipated.  At first I thought they accidentally gave me a bowl until I saw another customer order the bowl of soup.  Oh my.  Also, beware of the super hot plates!

I’m already starting to get stuffed but my main entree is coming.  Note to self, soups are huge here!  I ordered the “Molcajete” which consisted of chicken and/or steak in a sauce with onions and mushrooms.  I decided to get the chicken and steak, pretty wild of me, I know.  My main entree consisted of the chicken and beef, rice, pico de gallo, refried beans and a roasted jalapeno.  My goodness!  The meat was cooked well, the flavor was slightly sweet, slighty spicy.  For people who don’t like spicy food, they can still enjoy this dish.
The music was a bit odd.  It’d jump around from salsa to Christina Aguilera singing in Spanish to Mariachi music and so on.  Overall, I’d recommend this place definitely for lunch due to the prompt service, price, and great tasting food.  As for dinner, it’s still reasonable for the amount of food you get.

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One Comment  to  Azteca D’Oro

  1. Julio says:

    There’s one in Winter Haven next to my Store and their service is great and the food is delicious. They’re always very courteous and provide excellent service, they’re there when you need something but leave you when you need to converse with friends and such. Great food.