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Bahama Breeze. It sounds nice, doesn’t it? Tropical…relaxing…and all that good stuff. I’ve been to a few and the music is usually entertaining. I recently went to the Bahama Breeze located in the Lake Buena Vista area. It’s close to I-4 and the Orlando Premium Outlets, to say this place is located near the touristy stuff would be an understatement. In general, I try not to be biased and I hadn’t been to Bahama Breeze in awhile so I gave it a fair shot. I remember I hadn’t been there for about 3 years. I didn’t stop going because it was bad, it’s just there are so many other establishments out there. The inside of the restaurants has a lot of foliage and all that tropical looking “stuff”. It’s different and fun. Also, less tacky looking as compared to Rainforest Cafe. (Not to pick on Rainforest Cafe, I’m just saying…)


For a person who hasn’t been here in years, the menu really hasn’t seem to change much at all. I remember not being that impressed with the place but for a chain, I suppose it’s alright. Well, perhaps my newest experience here would change my mind?  I LOVE anything robust with flavor and the “Habanero Chicken Wings” caught my eye. I asked the server about the heat of them since my friend told me the wings were very weak.  Luckily, the server was honest and said that it’s not that spicy.  At least, that’s one disappointment I missed.  Why even sell “habanero” anything if it has no kick? Yes, I understand this is a chain restaurant but you don’t have to sacrifice flavor to appease the general public!  Well, I better look for something else.  Then I saw the “sweet peruvian corn cakes”. That actually sounds good!


Sounding and tasting are two different things, my friend.  The pineapple salsa accompanying this dish was not well-suited at all.  Also, if the menu item states pineapple, I should taste pineapple rather than wondering if there was any at all in it.  The corn cakes had bits of corn that were chewy.  You ever cook corn too long and it gets that firm chewiness?  Yeah, that’s what I got in my corn cakes.  I tend to be pretty animated in general and I’m sure I had a funny face when eating this.  I don’t mind corn being in the corn cakes, actually I really enjoy the hush puppies at Bubba Gumps with the pieces of corn in their hush puppies.  But not here folks, no sir.  The chewy bits of corn distracted me from eating the corn cakes.  Well, obviously I’m not a fan of the pineapple salsa.  Maybe the butter would make my corn cakes taste better?  Maybe just a little?  Nope.  Eh, this appetizer sounded good but I found it to be very “bleh”.  I know that’s not a real word but “bleh” is the most fitting in this instance.  As I’m eating this, I’m thinking how I could make it better.  Perhaps I shall make my own version of Bahama Breeze Sweet Corn Cakes?

Nothing as far as the entrees intrigued me.  I honestly didn’t feel like eating a lot so a quesadilla sounded ok.  I selected the “lobster and shrimp quesadilla”.  I just love seafood, provided that it’s done right.  Sounds like I’m picky, doesn’t it?  I’m not, I promise.  I figure the quesadilla would be enough to fill me but not overfill me to the point of food coma.


So far, it looks good.  Nice golden color on the tortillas, warm and gooey melted cheese.  The sour cream?  I can do without.  Honestly, I really don’t get it.  It’s pretty bland, doesn’t really add anything.  If something is too spicy than it can calm down the flavors but, other than that, I don’t see a need for it.  Growing up, I never ate sour cream.  I’m sure that has something to do with it.  I take a bite, it’s alright.  Nothing to write home about.  Overall, it tastes pretty ok.  The salsa wasn’t that great.


I wouldn’t say I had a bad experience at this place, nor would I say I had an amazing time.  It was… “ok”.  The service was decent although it felt like the server was rushing all the time.  If you intend on just drinking and listening to music, Bahama Breeze has the atmosphere for it.  As far as the food goes, don’t have any expectations then you should be fine.  Would I return here again?  Maybe if my friends wanted to go but I would not go out of my way to eat here.





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