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This is exciting, I’m finally taking the plunge and starting my food blog!  It’s been something I’ve thought about for quite some time yet it had never came to surface.  My hopes with this site is to share my experiences and journey with food.

I love food and I also strive to make healthy tasting dishes.  I am a firm believer that we are what we put in our body.  With that being said, I’m focusing on a more paleo-style/clean eating diet.

What is a paleo diet?  It’s also known as the caveman diet where you predominantly eat meat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  This obviously means no rice, pasta, and bread but also this diet does not recommend potatoes.  This is due to the amount of carbohydrates and our insulin levels.  Many people don’t agree to this diet, but read it for yourself.  I am not one to force anything on others.

What about clean eating?  Clean eating is essentially eating food closest to the natural source.  For example, a steak versus a hot dog.  Clean eating is just a sound diet and something we all really could benefit from.

With anything, we need balance.  One of my goals with this blog is to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle with nutritious, great tasting meals.


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