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I FINALLY got a Vitamix.

I know this sounds pretty trivial but over the past year and a half, I kept going back and forth between the Vitamix and Blendtec.  If you have no clue what I’m talking about,  then this is only just the comparison for the two most expensive/powerful household blenders. Just only.  Why on Earth would anyone need to buy an expensive blender?  A blender is just a blender, right?  The answer to that is, “NO”.  I have had blenders  from all different price ranges and for my needs, I need something with some oomph.  I remember the time my magic bullet died from making hummus.  HUMMUS?! Seriously.  As I continue my quest for a healthy lifestyle, I wanted to do more green smoothies.  From the Oster blender I was using, I just wasn’t getting an appealing texture.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my Oster blender.  It’s made of glass and I can unscrew from the bottom, which made cleaning really nice.  Have you ever looked around the blades? Gross looking if you don’t clean it well.  “Once this blender stops working, then I’ll get a Vitamix….”  The Oster is still going strong, just to let you know.  Although as I’m blending at times, I’ve had to stop it and stir things around.  Perhaps I do need something stronger after all.

Vitamix has been around for decades, and I’ve met people who’ve had the Vitamix that had been passed down through their family.  I thought the blender looked a bit old-fashioned, but who am I to judge? It didn’t seem worthwhile to spend hundreds of dollars on a blender but as I read the reviews, I began to think otherwise.  The Blendtec looked very nice, very modern.  The display, the colors, everything just seemed great.  Yet, I kept debating with myself about a Vitamix.  If you look on YouTube, you’ll see all those “Will it blend?” videos.  It’s very entertaining and tempting to try at home, even though they clearly state not to.  I don’t think I’ll blend those lighters after all.  Anyhow, I read pages of reviews between the two blenders.  Oh how tiring it was…  In general, it really seemed to be an even draw.  Or, a slight edge to Vitamix due to it’s warranty and customer service.

Well, I decided I’d get myself a nice present for my birthday this year.  It’s not there yet, but it’s close enough. :)  Why not get the blender that’s made to last?  I headed off to Costco today and took a gander.  The store location I went to did not have the package that I saw on-line.  The package deal included the Wet Blade container along with the Dry Blade container.  Do I really need the dry blade container?  It’s probably great if you want to do flours and things of that sort but since I’ve changed my diet to a more Paleo-style, it didn’t seem necessary for me.  (Also, it’s cheaper by itself, obviously.)  I bit the bullet and purchased the Vitamix 5200.

Finally, I got home and I anxiously opened this box.  Is this blender all they say it is and more?  Did I just waste all this money on a blender?!  Oh the thoughts ran across my mind.  Might as well give it a go!


The contents included the 64 ounce wet blade container, the vented lid, the blender unit, the getting started guide with dvd and the tamper.  This blender is tall! I might end up needing to use a step-stool.

Yesterday, I made a dairy free smoothie and I used the same exact recipe for comparison.



Dairy-free Berry Smoothie


  • 1 cup of vanilla soymilk
  • 2 frozen strawberries
  • 1 Tbs frozen kiwi pulp
  • 1 Tbs frozen beet pulp
  • 1 berry all-fruit bar
  • 1 tropical all-fruit bar

I poured the soymilk into the container first and then added the rest of the ingredients.  Let me tell ya, this thing has got serious power!


The finished product was a nice, smooth texture.  Even the strawberries seeds were so finely blended, you wouldn’t have known I put whole strawberries in.  My smoothie from yesterday was good but this was definitely better.  I can’t wait to use this blender more and see what awesome creations I’ll come up with!

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