Big Bang Bazaar Indie Craft Show Maitland



I had seen tickets for Big Bang Bazaar Craft Show on Living Social before and hadn’t purchased it.  Indie Craft Show…  What does that even mean?  Well, one of my friends had a ticket and I had opportunity to check it out.


BigBangBazaarMaitlandSo it’s usually held at the Maitland Civic Center.  Be forewarned, parking can bit tight.  And it was really crowded inside.

So, how would the Feisty Foodist describe the Big Bang Bazaar?  “Etsy in your face.”  For those who are unfamiliar with what ‘Etsy‘ is, it’s a website where you can buy vintage and homemade items.  It can be anything from jewelry, artwork, clothes, household items, and all sorts of random stuff.




There were lots of vendors here and definitely a lot of variety of things being sold.  It almost made me think of the vendors at MegaCon.  Artwork, clothes, and what not.  So like a girlier version of MegaCon.  Also lots of neat things, like recycled gift cards made into jewelry from Red Rooster Jewelry.


BigBangBazaarRebeccaWilliamsArtHere’s is some artwork that I thought looked pretty nice.  You can check out more artwork from Rebecca Williams at The Art of Rebecca Williams.


I even got some soap samples from Lucky Day Soaps.  You can actually contact Christy Conner and have custom soaps made.  How cool is that?  And if you’re interested in making some of your own, she’s got some recipes listed on her site as well.


So, it’s definitely something cool to check out.  Lots of unique items.  Many local vendors.  And…. I managed to find a TARDIS!!


I went to the Big Bang Bazaar event on September 7, 2013 but fear not, there’s another one coming up for the holiday season. December 7 & 8, 2013 from 11 am to 6pm.  Tickets can be purchased at the door for $5.  Kids under 12 are free.


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