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If you’re on a quest for a fine dining experience, you surely will not be disappointed with Chatham’s Place.  A bit of a forewarning, this place is a bit hard to find.  I had driven past it before and never noticed but there were plenty of cars in the parking lot for a Thursday evening.  I consider myself to be familiar with a fair amount of restaurants but hadn’t heard of Chatham’s before.  But then again, I’ve only been here for a little over three years.  Chatham’s has been here since 1988, that’s something to take note of considering how many restaurants don’t last long at all.  Walking up to the entrance way, the building itself had a warm presence and I eagerly entered the restaurant.  Let the food journey begin!


Immediately after I enter Chatham’s, I’m greeted by Maurice, the maitre’d.  I had a direct view to the kitchen and the performer on the piano.  The music was fitting for the place.  The service here is on point, all the wait staff are professional and attentive. The selection on the menu is not extensive but as I always say, quality over quantity.

Bread stuffed with a feta cheese spread and olives were brought out.  The warm bread had a nice golden crust.  Sometimes the simplest things are the best things.  The feta cheese was tasty and I don’t think I had ever seen olives so big!  So far, we’re off to a great start!



My friend who accompanied me requested calamari as an appetizer.  Even though the calamari wasn’t on the menu, the chef still made it.  I thought to myself, “What is so special about this calamari here?”  Well, this isn’t your typical fried calamari.  It was tender, in a spicy tomato sauce.  Overall it was pretty good although a bit on the salty side for me.  On a side note, I just noticed the way the sauce ran, it actually looks like a side profile of a female.  Hey, I’m pretty random.  What can I say?



As we were waiting for our main entrees to come out, we received cheese ravioli flambeed in brandy “compliments of the chef”.  Brandy is amazing, especially when combined with mushrooms.  MMMMmmm, mushrooms, how wonderful you are.



Then they brought out some passionfruit sorbet.  Another unexpected surprise!  I am loving this place now.  The sorbet was icy, light and delicate.  It was as if I’m eating passionfruit snowflakes  At this point, I’m doing a little happy food dance inside.  I’m already getting full but the main entree hasn’t come yet.  Great company, great times, what more could I really ask for?  Perhaps extra room in my stomach?  I used to be able to eat a lot without any issues but as I get older, I’ve decided that’s probably not the best idea.


Ah!  My meal has arrived.  I really had a hard time deciding between the rack of lamb ($39) or the duck breast ($33).  I rarely eat any of the two and when coming to a place like Chatham’s, you ought to go with your heart’s desires.  The duck breast called my name.  The duck looked great!  It was sliced and served on top of a port wine demi-glaze and blueberries.  The last time I had duck breast was during culinary school when I made duck l’orange.  Overall, the texture of the meat was perfect.  As far as the sauce, it was pretty good.  I personally would have liked more of the blueberry flavor to be more pronounced.



For my side, I selected the sauteed mushroom medley ($9).  The flavors were excellent, with a presence of black pepper noted.



As for my friend, he ordered the rack of lamb in a rosemary au jus ($39).  With lamb, you can’t have it well done.  Trust me, do not ever order lamb well done.  Not even medium well.  The taste will be off putting and you’ll never order lamb again.  The meat was succulent.  Definitely an excellent choice!



For his side accompaniment, he selected the mashed potatoes.  Me personally, I don’t really order mashed potatoes because it’s mashed potatoes.  I’m sure you probably had the best mashed potatoes here or there, but in the end, it’s mashed potatoes.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing mashed potatoes.  I’ve had some excellent stuff but when I come to a place like Chatham’s, I’m going to get something I don’t eat all the time.  There were some other selections that popped out.  I saw “haricot verts” and it made me chuckle.  Do you know what they are?  I do but that’s only because of culinary school.  It’s the fancy way of saying “green beans”.  I manage to get sidetracked from food with more food.  The mashed potatoes were a bit firmer but had great flavor.


I’ve had so much food at this point, I’m not sure if I can eat any more but I’m sure dessert is great here.  The server mentions pineapple fosters.  Pineapple fosters?!  I haven’t heard of such a thing.  It sounded divine.  Fosters sauce on the bottom, grilled pineapple ring, chocolate cup filled with coconut ice cream.  Around the perimeter we have bananas, apples, and raspberries with a chocolate straw on the side.  The shredded coconut looked nice but as far as consumption goes, it was a bit of an annoyance.  The presentation was beautiful and I didn’t feel too heavy after eating this.


You will not leave here hungry, to say the least.  I would definitely return here for any special occasions.  It is pricey yes, but you will get what you pay for.

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