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Ah, Orlando.. “the city beautiful” as they call it.  With such tourist attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios, the dining options are abundant but as I always say, it’s not about the quantity.  I most definitely prefer quality over quantity any day unless I’m super hungry.  Just kidding, maybe.  I have quite a few vegetarian friends and sometimes it’s a bit hard finding a place for them to eat.  Who wants to just order side items as their meal?!  Also, sometimes you may not realize but even sauces are not vegetarian/vegan friendly.  I end up being the bad guy and telling them, “You know… that Caesar dressing has anchovies in it.”  Hey, I’m a good friend and if you’ve chosen not to eat meat then I’d be a bad friend for knowingly letting you devour some meat product.  Right?!  Right.  So, I’ve even met some people who are particular in the fact their food has no interaction with meat whatsoever.  (Such as the oil the food is fried in, or the knife previously touching meat.)  Well luckily at Dandelion Cafe, you won’t have to worry about that.


Nestled near the Vietnamese restaurants, we have this quaint place on Thornton Ave.  If you’re coming from I-4 towards Bumby, take a right when you see a big mural on the wall.  (If you’re past Mills, you’ve gone too far.  Make the U-y!)  On the right, you’ll see a bright green house.  Yep, you’re at the right place.  As I walked inside, there’s definitely a warm ambiance.  Along the wall, there’s a bunch of tea and baked goods.  It’s a bit crowded by the register so I grabbed a menu and took a seat to glance over the selections.  There’s seats and couches inside Dandelion as well as outdoor seating for the folks who want to enjoy the Florida weather.


This is a great place for anyone who loves tea, vegetarian food, or has celiac disease.  Celiac what?  Celiac disease, that essentially means if you have a gluten intolerance (where you can’t eat oats, wheat, and barley).  Of course this list isn’t all inclusive, but just a guideline.  The menu had a large selection of entrees from soups, appetizers, burritos, and sandwiches.  The sweet potato burrito caught me eye immediately.  MMMM…. sweet potato.. but in a burrito?  Sure, why not.  I use the “why not” philosophy with pretty much everything.  “Why not?” as long as it doesn’t cause bodily injury to myself or is dangerous. This sweet potato burrito seemed pretty safe for me!  For my side item, I ordered the “whirled peas”.  What a cute name!  My burrito had the sweet potatoes, of course, and quinoa.  For those who aren’t familiar with quinoa, it’s pronounced “KEEN-WAH” not quinn-no-ah.  You can thank me now, since you won’t look like an idiot.  Quinoa is amazing nutritious and delicious.  I buy it at Costco for much cheaper than what you’d expect to pay from Whole Foods.  It’s a pseudo-grain that you can cook in a sweet or savory dish, very adaptable.  The burrito worked very well with the mix of sweet potato and quinoa as well as the other ingredients.  You can’t go wrong with blue corn tortilla chips either.


I shared my other half of the burrito with one of my friends so I could try the black bean burrito.  Sharing is caring, don’t-cha-know!  Cheesy, black bean goodness with a little kick.  I definitely recommend this one!  This burrito also had quinoa in it.  Between my cups of iced tea, my burrito, chips and whirled peas, I am stuffed!  But not to the point of food coma.  That my friend, is an uncomfortable feeling.  Oy!  No one ever wants to be that full.  So if you’re in the mood for something healthy and filling, go to Dandelion Cafe. Enjoy the art on the wall, make convo with people, and have a fun time!  Even if you aren’t a vegetarian, this is a great place.  Maybe it’ll change your mind.  :)


This place also has different events going on, so be sure to check out their website.




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