Pastamoré Ristorante and Market

I am going to just start off by saying, I’m not a food snob by any means.  This is not to say, I will ANYTHING.  Some places you would expect a little more caliber and unfortunately, Pastamoré does not deliver.  I went there tonight since I had a hankering for pizza.  I had just left the Red Coconut Club and wanted a little something yummy in my tummy.  Pastamoré is located right on the corner at City Walk, always busy so one would imagine it should be at least average.  The menu seemed promising with a variety of items such as pizza, salad, subs, pasta, cookies and other desserts.  I didn’t even want any desserts but the size of the cookie were HUGE!  No!  Must not give in to dessert, I want my pizza dagnabit!

I went to check out the pizza that was available.  You get only two options, cheese or pepperoni.  Now, it’s about 1 in the morning and some could say, you can’t expect much at this time of the night but still…. It’s pizza!  So, it seemed like a safe bet.  My order was promptly taken then waiting for the food took awhile.  I’m standing there and I see the pizza right in front of my face.  Good thing I wasn’t terribly hungry or else “She-Hulk” was about to come out!  So, I’m wondering if they needed to heat up the pizza…  Why else am I just standing here, staring it?  Eventually, they gave me my pizza.  It looked ok, but it was lukewarm and just not very appetizing.  For $3.29, this may be the worst slice of pepperoni pizza I have ever ate.  I really mean “ever”.  I usually take a picture of any meal prior to eating but this time, I’m just going to show the aftermath.

Yes, I did deface my pizza.   I used my crust to scoop up my cheese and pepperoni, salvaging anything worth eating and left the disgusting dough on my plate.  This tasted like a lunchables pizza that just sat out enough to get to room temperature. How disappointing, le sigh.  Growing up in my family, we never wasted food.  Usually even if it’s not the greatest, I still will eat it for the most part but this time, I just had to let it go.

Surely, the pepperoni pizza would have been better tasting than the cheese!!  Nope.  Would I even dare to say what would be unimaginable?  That this pizza is worst than Chuck-E-Cheese pizza?  Perhaps it is, perhaps.  I did look at some other reviews and it seemed like a hit-or-miss thing.   It seems as if it could be better when the actual restaurant side is open?  I’ll tell you what, I don’t intend on returning to find out.


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