Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones

We all get see stuff on TV or on-line and go, “OOOOHHHH, that looks neat…”  I try to not buy gimmicky stuff, but I’m still human.  I saw “whiskey stones” being sold on Groupon.  Do I drink whiskey?  Not really, but do I like cool looking stuff?  Hells yeah. Besides, I love the word “Chillax”.  I use it all the time, “chill” + “relax” = “chillax”  AWWWWWWEESOME.  So, what is this “whiskey stone”?  Well, since you’re asking…. It’s stones used for whiskey.  It’s not rocket surgery, right?  So, whiskey stones usually are made from soapstone or granite.  The ones I purchased are made from granite.  I haven’t used the soapstone kind so I can’t comment much about it.  The whisky stones come in packs of 9.

You need to wash the stones to make sure they are clean. “Wershing my stones!”  I didn’t think I’d ever say that.  Never say never.  So, anywho, dry them and then place them in the freezer for at least 4 hours.  The edges around the stones are smoothed over so it doesn’t scratch your glass.  I read some reviews about the rocks hitting your teeth.  Seriously?  It’s called whiskey stones.  You’re supposed to sip-sip-sip on the whiskey, so they obviously aren’t using the stones for it’s intended use.  I really do like the feel of the stones.  For each drink, you’re supposed to use 3 stones.


As long as you aren’t expecting these stones to be just like ice cubes, then you’ll enjoy it.  It lightly chills the alcohol or whatever liquid you choose.  Good buy?  I think so, but that’s because I got it off Groupon.  I really wouldn’t want to pay 20 bucks for some cold rocks.



So, chillax with some chill rocks…

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