Sloppy Taco Palace

Sloppy Taco

A buddy of mines asked me if I wanted to go to STP.  STP?  Stone Temple Pilots?  uhhhh. no.   He tells me it’s some taco place that’s really good.  “Oh yea?”  Well, sounds like the Feisty Foodist is getting some tacos!  It’s in the shopping plaza where Agave Azul and Kim Wu are located.  It’s right over the bridge and to the left behind Chick-fil-A on Kirkman Road.  The parking lot has quite a bit of car for a Tuesday evening, which is good.

As I enter, it looks like a typical bar place.  But for the love of food, it’s freezing cold in here! WWHHHHHYYY?  I guess for the drunkards, you wouldn’t even notice the cold but for the sober chica (i.e. me) I am freezing.  Atmosphere is pretty ok, spacious on the inside, decent outdoor seating as well.  Beer selection is adequate.

The prices are fairly inexpensive, most being around 7 dollars.  A la cart items are available as well, so for those on a budget you can get a lot of food.  On Tuesdays, they have sloppy tacos (only beef or chicken) for 2 dollars each.  My server was Tiffany, she was nice although it took awhile before I was able to put my order in.  I’m just waiting….waiting…waiting….   I hope these tacos are pretty decent or else. argh.  Luckily, this place has free wifi and it’s keeping me entertained.


I come to the “Sloppy Taco Palace” so of course I’m going to see how amazing these “sloppy tacos” are.  I definitely recommend the beef.  The chicken was a “meh”.  The flour tortillas were slightly fried and it gave it another dimension which I appreciated.  I tend to favor more spicy food and I didn’t want to just throw some Crystal’s hot sauce on it.  That would be just wrong!  I asked the server what other sauces they had.  Surely, there’s some Cholula or something.  Unfortunately, no Cholula here but at least they had some Texas Pete Chipotle and Tapatío.  What a difference that makes!  The beef taco didn’t need any sauce but I found the chicken a bit on the bland side.  The sloppy tacos were quite satisfying and they weren’t too messy.

Another taco on the menu jumped out at me.  “Greek taco.”  Oh really?  Hm.. this could be quite tasty OR disgusting.  I’m willing to find out which.  Let’s see what we got here: chicken, romaine lettuce, onions, feta, tomatoes but no olives. NO OLIVES!  My taco could really have used some olives but they didn’t even have any in the kitchen.  It’s not a BIG deal but it definitely would have tasted even better.  Also, the tortilla was cold.  After having the slightly fried and fluffy tortilla from the sloppy tacos, I was a bit disappointed with the Greek taco tortilla.

All in all, this is a good place to go to if you want to drink and have some tasty food.  The service was a bit lackluster but aside from that note, I would return here.  With a jacket.
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Be forewarned if you go their website, turn your volume down.  I’ve just saved you from a screaming “AH-YEEEEHAAAAA” in your ear.  You’re welcome.

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