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Who is the “feisty foodist”? What is a “foodist”? Why have this blog?



562020_762871662412_928879095_nWhoa, whoa… so many questions!  I am the “feisty foodist”!  I have declared myself to be such because I don’t just love food, I am obsessed.  For the longest time, I’ve always thought my love for food was normal.  Growing up, I was always surrounded by food.  Even during Christmas, we were more focused on the meal as opposed to the gifts.  My father, my aunt and uncle worked in a Chinese restaurant.  Another aunt worked in a hospital kitchen.  One of my cousins would give me MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat).  My mother made the most amazing Chinese dishes.  (Just don’t ask her to make American food.)  Needless to say, I was surrounded by food all the time.  I didn’t have much exposure to non-Asian food till my high school years aside from my experiences with school cafeteria food, hospital food and MRE’s.

It sounds dreadful but honestly, I have very fond memories of it.  In kindergarten, I remembered the first time I had meat loaf.  Meat loaf sounded so interesting!  I was in the lunch line and I asked the lunch lady for meat loaf.  She puts this brown mass of “something” on my food tray.  I asked her if it was meat loaf.  Sure enough, it was.  For some reason in my mind, meat loaf was supposed to be great…  Lesson learned.  Then  I was a wee bit scarred from fish fillets for awhile after I had a bone in my fish filet sandwich in seventh grade.  You know you’re food obsessed when you use food as a reference guide for memories.  I briefly mentioned MRE’s.  Now, how does someone get excited about MRE’s?  Well, sometimes I just didn’t want to eat Chinese food all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, my mother made excellent food but I wanted to be like a normal American kid.  I went to my box of MRE’s.  “Spagetti or chicken a la king tonight?”  The choices!!  Man, not only did you get a meal but you also get a snack and dessert!!  I was a happy kid.


You know you talk about food a lot when you haven’t seen people in over ten years and they first thing they remember about you is about food.  People constantly told me, “you should become a chef!”  So, I moved to Orlando and went culinary school.  It was such a great learning experience, between the people I met and the food I created.  It was a fantastic time although I now can say I’m not a big fan of bone marrow.  I ultimately decided I didn’t want to work in a kitchen but I still want to share my love of food with the world.


We always hear about “foodies” and at first I considered myself as such.  As time progressed and I had more pictures of food than me, I realized I am not just a foodie.  I coined the term “foodist” for someone who loves all aspects of food.  I don’t see food as just something we consume.  Food provides us energy, it brings people together, it enriches our lives in more ways than one.  It also provides us a learning experience especially with international foods.  It gives us a glimpse of another culture which we otherwise would not experience without traveling.  Food stimulates all our senses, takes us on a journey!


So join me on my journey to more food experiences!!


~The Feisty Foodist







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Happy eats~!

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  1. Jonathan Thomas says:

    I love MRE’s! But, the only time I was able to get them was during hurricanes. How’d you get yours?

    • TheFeistyFoodist says:

      My cousin was in the Army and that’s how I got introduced to them. I had them again at a later point in life during my time as an Air Force Reservist. Let me tell ya, they taste better now than back in the day!

  2. Jonathan Thomas says:

    That’s awesome! Thank you for your service to the country!….Got any any leftover MRE’s? Im hungry now!..lets have a MRE party/buffet.

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