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I’m still around, I promise…

By the looks of it, it seems like I haven’t been posting much.  It’s been a busy holiday season and with a goal of being more healthy, let’s just say I haven’t been dining out as much.  This blog is still alive and well, she hasn’t kicked the bucket yet!  In the upcoming year, I hope to share with you my culinary creations.  Not only do I love to eat, but I love making my own food.  I’ve already started making my own almond milk!  YUM!


Stay tuned!

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Rice

It’s Super Bowl Sunday!  Not that I care that much about football.  Of course most people enjoy it for the Super Bowl itself but as for me, I enjoy it for the food.  This is the time to let ones creativity flow!  Although I’m not hosting a party this year, and I probably won’t for many years, I still think it’s awesome to see what people do.  I was invited to a friend’s football party which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Super Bowl RiceHow is this not cute?!  It’s a football-shaped dish.  There was seasoned rice, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, masago, seafood, crab, and what tasted like aburaage.  I thought this was very cute and tasty.  Imagine if you will, a deconstructed sushi.  YUM!







Fruit saladThen we had some amazing fruit salad.  It had strawberries, kiwi, mandarin oranges, beans and some sort of jelly.  I love the beautiful colors in this.  It was very delicious.


Both dishes really integrated the senses, which I love.  I love combining all the senses, the visual aspect, the actual taste, the smell, the texture.  I suppose the audio portion isn’t as big into food as the others but it does have it’s place.  I can’t wait to get back into the kitchen and make some culinary creations of my own!

Trader Joe’s Kale Chips

Kale Chips

Finally, I’ve made my trip out to Trader Joe’s!  No, people of Orlando, we do not have a Trader Joe’s here. At least not yet, anyway.  So far there is one in Sarasota.  Yes, I know it’s a far drive but for those in the area, it’s definitely a place to drop by.

I’ve had some people ask me, what’s so special about Trader Joe’s.  In my opinion, I don’t think there’s anything THAT special about it.  I compare it to an Aldi essentially, where they have their own branded products. But the folks of California love this place.  I’ve even seen cookbooks dedicated to things you purchase for Trader Joe’s.  There is obviously a cult following.  I went inside the store, and it’s just packed.  The cashier told me they opened about 3 months ago.  I had been to a Trader Joe’s in the outskirts of Baltimore, MD, so I had some familiarity with it.  They do have lots of items and for anyone who enjoys food, this would be a fun store to check out.  The nice thing about this store, is that it’s like Whole Foods but you don’t end up spending your whole paycheck.  In today’s hard economic times, it’s nice to get good food at a good price.  The store isn’t very big at all, but there were definitely an assortment of items in here.  I didn’t buy many things but I still managed to spend a lot between my saffron, pink Himalayan salt, 2 bottles of framboise, a bottle of rice vinegar and a bag of kale chips.

Kale Chips I’m getting hungry and the drive back to Orlando isn’t a short one, so I look for a nutritious snack.  The kale chips jumped out at me, with the bright green comic-style bag.  Vegan, no preservatives, super nutritious, I’m all in!  The question is, how does it taste?  I am all about healthy and I truly believe you can healthy and delicious tasting food.  Except vegetarian bacon.  No one should ever eat that.  bleh!  So, the words “zesty nacho” sound quite enticing, but unfortunately, it lets me down.  Don’t call something “zesty nacho” if it’s not going to taste like “zesty nacho”.  What does it taste like?  One might ask.  Or maybe they wouldn’t and just gladly eat the kale chips.  Have you ever ate the rice seasoning that you get from the Asian store?  Yep, it’s like that sprinkled on top of kale chips.  It’s not bad by any means, but it certainly isn’t “zesty nacho”.

  • Let’s see what the ingredients are: kale, cashews, sunflower seeds, carrot powder, red bell pepper powder, onion powder, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice concentrate, salt, garlic powder, chipotle powder.
  • And the ingredients on my Yasai  Fumi Furikake (rice seasoning): sesame seed, carrot, spinach, pumpkin, celery, Japanese mustard plant, potato starch, sugar, salt and seaweed.

Just saying.  I’m not crazy for thinking the flavors are similaresque.


Inside Kale Chip BagKale Chip

After I showed some people the picture of the kale chips, they kept telling me it looked like a certain herb. *coughs, coughs*.  I was like, “WHAT?!”  I thought it was funny they thought it looked like that, but to me, I thought it looked like seasoned kale chips.  This 2 ounce bag of kale chips is 2 servings but needless to say, I finished it without difficulty.  I had a fun time at Trader Joe’s and I’ll be going back to get more snackies.  Just not the kale chips.  I’m certain I can make some tastier kale chips.


On a side note, these chips are not good as a driving snack, unless you like green crumbs all over you.



Soda from the Bahamas

Goombay Punch

I recently went to the Bahamas and unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera with me.  Seriously?!  Seriously. *SIGH*  I was quite upset about it since I had nothing to show.  Fortunately, I brought back some soda I purchased while I was in Nassau.  I don’t drink soda that often but hey, how often do I go to the Bahamas?

Bahamas Goombay Punch (this soda had so much sugar, it was unreal.  And it wasn’t high fructose corn syrup either.)  Imagine if you will, an extra carbonated pineapple soda.  MMMMM.



I also picked up another soda.  Why not?  It’s a fruit champagne soda.  If you haven’t tried any champagne soda, you might be pleasantly surprised with the taste.  Slightly reminiscent of cream soda but even more sugary.  Is that even possible?  I don’t know but I do know both of these sodas tasted good.  I’m going to have to stock up on this stuff next time I go. :)


Onion Rings and Ketchup Doritos

Doritos I saw at a store in Toronto.

Masala Chips

I found these chips at House of Spices off on OBT.

Ding Dong Mixed Nuts

Ding Dong Mixed Nuts, Filipino snack.

A fellow co-worker shared this with me. It was quite tasty although the name was a bit distracting. It had peanuts, peas, fava beans and some other stuff.