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Matilda’s on Park


I absolutely love going to different restaurants and trying new food.  Matilda’s on Park doesn’t disappoint!  I hadn’t heard much about Matildas but recently a friend told me that they served Kangaroo burgers here.  Oh really?  Hmm….

Matilda’s on Park is located on Park Avenue across the street from Panera Bread.  Outdoor and indoor seating is available.  In the front of the restaurant, the doors were open so it was more like covered outdoor seating for me.  Towards the back of the restaurant, there were more dining tables.  Flat screen televisions throughout the front area and in the men’s restroom as well (from what I was told).

MatildasCrabBitesThe menu had a nice selection of salads, sandwiches, burgers, classic entrees, and gourmet mac and cheeses.  One of the appetizers jumped out at me.  The Jalapeno, Cream Cheese, Cheddar & Crab Bites ($11).  When I selected it, my server’s eyes lit up.  “They’re soooo good!”  Brittany was so genuinely enthusiastic about it.  I could only hope I’d feel the same way afterwards.  The crab bites had a nice crunchy layer on the outside and lots of crab meat inside.  Bits of jalapeno throughout, not overwhelming with the cream cheese flavor.  It was very tasty although I wouldn’t have minded if it were spicier.  The crab bites were served with a mango honey mustard although my friend and I agreed the mango flavor wasn’t that prevalent.

I just knew I had to get the kangaroo burger.  Even for the sheer novelty of bragging rights.  The Roo Burger is not 100% kangaroo meat due it’s leanness.  There is some beef mixed into the kangaroo meat to form the burger patty.  They no longer carried the pretzel buns but brioche, multigrain and croissants were still available.  There was an option to make the burger “Aussie style” by adding a fried egg and beet but I really wanted to just try burger without the extra fixings.

MatildasRooBurgerThe Roo Burger ($14) has onion straws and a cheese lager sauce on it.  I made my fries the Crab fries with a cheese sauce.  The old bay seasoning wasn’t overpowering and made the fries extra delicious!  The cheese sauce was really good as well but the only problem when you have a cheese sauce like this, it tends to solidify quicker.

So the real question is, what did the kangaroo meat taste like?  Absolutely amazingly delicious.  It was beef like; however, it gave me a food flashback to summer of 1997.  That’s when I had my first venison burger.  It wasn’t too gamey but there definitely was a unique flavor here.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed this burger.  It was simple yet so tasty.  The buttery flavor of the brioche bun, the crispness of the onion straws, the light saltiness from the cheese sauce.  I really enjoyed it overall.  Unfortunately, I was so stuffed from only half of the burger.


Considering the location of the restaurant, the quality of the food, and the portion size I don’t think the entrees are overpriced.  Nice atmosphere, unique menu items, I’d definitely return here.


If the thought of eating a kangaroo burger isn’t appealing , I’m certain there is something here everyone.


Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 1:00 am
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