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Judy’s Sichuan Cuisine, VA Beach


What’s worse than being hungry?  Being hungry AND indecisive.  My father wanted to go out to eat yet he couldn’t narrow down what he wanted.  He says he’s not picky but he doesn’t like the food I like.  At any rate, I told my dad we can go wherever.  He ends up parking at this Pho restaurant and decides he wants noodles.  Pho from Virginia Beach?  Ugh…  I’m not trying to say I’m a food snob but Vietnamese food in Virginia Beach is pretty lame.  In Orlando, there’s a street full of Vietnamese restaurants that are way better than any of the ones in Hampton Roads.

JudysSichuanExterior“How about Chinese food?”  I asked my father.  He willingly decides to go along with it.  We end up going to Grace’s Cantonese restaurant for dim sum.  Or so I thought.  We got to the restaurant and it wasn’t Grace’s anymore.  Judy’s Sichuan Cuisine?  When did this happen!?  And then my dad became reluctant and suggested we go back to the Pho place.

JudysSichuanInteriorNOOO… I am not going back there!  I’m hungry, it’s rainy!  “Let’s just go inside!”  I finally convinced my dad to go inside and we had a seat.  The interior hadn’t changed much.  We went for lunch during the week and there were only 2 other customers inside.  I could tell my dad was already thinking this was going to be a bad experience.

I was impressed by the amount of items in the menu.  A lot of authentic dishes and they even had xiaolongbao, otherwise known as soup dumplings.  Soup dumplings in Hampton Roads!  Well, we perused over the menu and finally made our decision.  Beef chow fun and the fish with black bean sauce.

I loved the beef chow fun is a noodle dish.  Thick flat white noodles, tossed in a flavorful sauce with onions and delicious beef.  My dad commented on the good quality of the beef used here.


JudysSichuanHotSourSoupI ordered the fish dish as a lunch special so I got a hot and sour soup along with it.  The hot and sour soup was good, nothing magnificently amazing but just good.  I was surprised by the fish with black bean sauce.  Usually anything with black bean sauce is very obvious since it’s fermented soybeans.  This dish has a little bit of black beans but very well balanced as far as the flavors go.


As far as service goes, it was fair.  For dining experience wise, the food was great, service was okay and the ambiance was “meh”.  I was impressed with the quality of food here and will definitely return.



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