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The Hyppo Downtown Orlando


TheHyppoExteriorIt’s getting hot out there and what better way to cool off then to get a delicious frozen treat.  How about a gourmet popsicle?  What madness is this?!  It’s true, organic popsicles in downtown Orlando.   Close to Lake Eola and underneath Post Parkside, you’ll find the Hyppo.  Small little place but tons of flavors inside.  The Hyppo has interesting flavors such as the Cucumber Lemon Mint or the Mexican Hot Chocolate.  Some of the pops have dairy in it, which are labeled on the board.  They are constantly rotating the selection here, so you’ll have plenty to chose from.  The “Elvis” is a popular hit, it’s made with peanut butter, banana and honey.


The interior has mint chocolate green walls, two tables and seven chairs.  Pretty small place, so it’s good to get a pop and walk around the neighborhood.  The gourmet pops are flash frozen and the texture is soft yet firm.

TheHyppoPistachioCoconutPineappleGingerTheHyppoPistachioCoconutThe Pineapple Ginger was alright for me but not a favorite for me.  The ginger was prevalent but not too strong.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Pistachio Coconut.  With the creamy coconut flavor and the tastiness of the pistachios, I was a happy camper.  Neither overpowered one another, it was a nice delicate balance.  The Champagne Mango was also another delightful treat.  Just so you know, it doesn’t have any champagne in it.  It’s actually a type of mango,  Ataulfo mango.  The name is a bit misleading especially when you see a flavor like Riesling Pear.  The Riesling Pear pops are made from fresh pears blanched in a Riesling wine.


The Hyppo has cold brewed drip coffee which they get from Credo.  It’s a fun process to watch.

The original location is in Saint Augustine and the pops brought over from there.  Each pop is $3.50 including tax.  You can get extra fancy and get it dipped in chocolate for an additional dollar.  For those can’t get enough of the Hyppo, you can actually order the pops online.  How awesome is that?!

The Hyppo has only been open 3 months but they’re already looking to open another location in Orlando.  The Hyppo is a wonderful addition to Orlando and I look forward to trying the other flavors!

Sun-Wed: 11am-10pm
Thurs-Sat: 11am-11pm
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Keke’s Breakfast Cafe Millenia


Yes, I went back to Keke’s again.  Not long ago, I went to the Keke’s in the Hunter’s Creek location.  I wasn’t too fond of the place, to say the least.  I had been to the Keke’s in the Millenia area over 3 years ago and I remembered having a good experience there.  The Chefettes wanted to hang out and I’m not one to turn down a social outing!  It had been since December since we had gathered together so it was much needed.  The weather had been getting cold and warm, cold and warm (frustratingly so).  I just had gotten off of work and took a power nap before meeting with the ladies.

One thing to make of note with Keke’s is that they will not seat you unless all members of the party are present.  Luckily, I had made it just in time.  This Keke’s location is in front of the Mall of Millenia.  It can be a bit frustrating to get to this location especially when you see the restaurant right in front of you but can’t really move anymore due to traffic.  ARGH!!  For a Tuesday noon, it’s quite packed.  But then again, it’s right in front of Mall of Millenia.  As soon as I walked in, we got seated.  Our server, Priscilla was very pleasant and prompt in taking our orders.  What to order, what to order?  There’s the breakfast menu of course, but it is already noon so perhaps lunch menu?  Naaah…..  Breakfast it is!  Now what to get?  I remembered this first time I came here, I had the Florida waffle and it was just amazing.  I suggested to the ladies we should all get a dish and share.  Hey, what can I say?  I love to try all sorts of stuff.  We ended up settling on the Florida Waffle, Piña Colada Stuffed French Toast, Greek Omelet, Eggs Portabella, and a side of cottage cheese.  I wasn’t terribly hungry but I definitely am always up for food.

KekesFloridaWaffleThe interior had the same paintings as the others, bright warm colors throughout.  Not really much to make a fuss over though.  I get my Florida Waffle and it’s just how I remembered it.  Fresh fruit on top of my waffle, this was just excellent.  It really hit the spot.  Strawberries, bananas, blueberries, yum!





I didn’t know what to think about the Piña Colada Stuffed French Toast.  It honestly just sounded too sweet, as far as the pineapple, coconut and cream cheese.  Honestly, this was super delicious.  My only gripe about this dish was the fact it was with Texas toast.  In my opinion, it really seems like the sourdough holds up really well for French toast.  The Texas toast wasn’t bad, mind you, but it did seem a bit much.  One of my friends commented on how dry the bread was.  Overall, this dish gets my seal of approval for flavor.  It definitely wasn’t too sweet at all!


KekesEggPortabellaNext, I had the Eggs Portabella.  I’m actually glad one of my friends ordered it, since this is what I originally ordered the last time I was at Keke’s but received the wrong dish instead.  Just look at the color of the home fries, it’s already so much better looking than the home fries I had at the other location.  I’m not trying to gripe but since I had only went to the other location not long ago, the experience is still fresh in my head.  The eggs were served over an English muffin.



I’m still making my way to the other dishes.  The Greek omelet was decent, nothing amazing but definitely eggs were cooked right.  I could have used a little more feta.  The cottage cheese plate was a very large portion.  It was good.  In totality, I’ve been to Keke’s 4 times now and I think the Millenia location has been the best one so far.  I’ve always had great service here.  The french toasts and pancakes tend to be the better entrees on the menu but you really can’t go wrong with any of the breakfast items here.  I have yet to try the lunch menu, but I’ll definitely return to check it out.









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