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Koy Wan Hibachi Buffet Altamonte Springs



It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve written a post.  Between traveling and working, I hadn’t had time to write.  Let’s see, my dad just visited me for a week and most of the time, we went out to eat.  I truly am not a fan of buffets but for my dad, it’s a good choice for him.  Actually, my immediate family likes buffets primarily for the simplicity and immediate access to food.  As for me, I’d rather have quality.  Being a good daughter, I can put my personal preferences aside during my dad’s visit.

KoyWanBuffetSushiSo, he asked me if there are any good Chinese buffets in Orlando.  Honestly, not really.  I am not a fan of the Chinese buffets here.  They’re usually fried mass amounts of MSG-laced food.  I decided to do a little researching and found Koy Wan Hibachi Buffet.  The prices here are comparable to other Chinese buffets but with more sushi selection.  This is not a Japanese buffet, you’re not going to find pork katsu or udon noodles here.

KoyWanBuffetInterior1The interior is Asian themed with a water fountain.  The buffet tables are spread out.  Big spacious dining area.  The sushi selection was diverse and I ended up trying most of the items.  And of course I got seaweed salad.  That stuff is just addictive!  As far as the sushi goes, I’ll be honest.  I’m not some super huge sushi fanatic.  It was fine, it had a good variety and it worked for me.  As far as the quality goes, I’d rate it higher than average for a buffet.  On the same token, I would not parallel this to the quality of an actual sushi restaurant.

KoyWanBuffetHiachiThe hibachi station has a good selection.  It is called Koy Wan Hibachi Buffet after all.  This is the best selection for hibachi that I’ve seen in the Orlando area thus far.  I made my noddle dish with onions, mushrooms, napa cabbage, zuchinni, shrimp and beef.  Koy Wan has a ginger sauce and that “special” white sauce on the side to go along with it.  That was truly really good.  Honestly, this alone is worth the price of the buffet.

I love oysters but I really dislike the raw oysters at Chinese Buffets.  Why must you tempt me?!  Raw oysters are delicious but raw oysters from buffets make me cringe.  I thought to myself, perhaps this time it’ll actually be good.  Nope.  It needed to be chilled more.

KoyWanBuffetCrawfishAs far as actual entrees, I enjoyed the walnut shrimp and the salt & pepper shrimp.  The quality of the shrimp was good and it had the proper texture.  The Korean short ribs were too salty for my liking.  Everything was pretty good but let me tell ya, the green tea ice cream is where it’s at!  I might have to hoard me a tub of this stuff.  Yum!  This is perfect for those who don’t like their ice cream too sweet.  It’s a nice, refreshing flavor.  Perfect way to end my gorging session.


Koy Wan has a student, senior citizen and public officials discount.  They also have an early bird special as well.

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Sun-Thurs: 11am-10pm
Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm
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Peach Pie Cagney

I’m in the splendid city of Norfolk.  It’s a cold Sunday and my best friend suggests we go to Cagney’s.  I remember the days when Cagney’s used to be a Chinese buffet.  Ooops, my mind wandered once again.  Well, the outside of the establishment looked like a typical Irish pub place.  As I enter inside, there was no host at the stand.  This inside of the place was quite reminiscent of a Bennigan’s.  I just hope the food is better!

The menu has breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, wraps, seafood and southern food.  The breakfast special had just ended at 11 am but there is all day breakfast as well.  Typically, I’m not a big dessert person but these sundaes sound amazing!  Boy, what to choose, what to choose.  I finally decided upon the Peach Pie Sundae.  The menu description and the actual sundae didn’t quite match but in my opinion, what came out was better.  It supposed had vanilla wafers but instead I had a broken waffle cone. Plenty of peaches, peaches for me.  Definitely share-able but being the food lover I am, I ate it all myself.  The price is a bit steep for a sundae but it was enjoyable as evidenced by the empty dish.


I cannot vouch for the quality of food here, but I think this is a great place for a sundae on a Sunday.

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