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Venezia Pâtisserie and Café Kissimmee


Venezia Pâtisserie and Café is located conveniently near the movie theater at the Loop.  Inside, you’ll feel like you’re in an Italian café but with a hispanic twist.  I’ve been here a few times and the staff here is always wonderful.  You’ll find some sweet treats but they also have savory items as well.

VeneziaCaféConLecheCornettoI shall always remember this place as my first encounter with a cachapa with ham and cheese.  Delish!  Be forewarned, they do not always have this available.  I got a café con leche (espresso and milk), cornetto (Italian croissant) with filled with ricotta and spinach.  I usually have my café con leche without any sugar added.  Mmmm, Lavazza coffee.  I got some of the garlic sauce to go with my cornetto, it was so good.  The flaky layers of the cornetto melted in my mouth.  The combination of the ricotta and spinach with the garlic sauce instantly put a smile on my face.  And of course, I enjoyed my little cookie with my coffee.

It’s a great place to take a break from shopping and chat with friends.  Enjoy!

Mon-Fri 9 am – 9 pm
Sat 9 am – 10 pm
Sun 9 am – 8 pm
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Dolce Bakery & Cafe Kissimmee


DolceExteriorDolceMainDisplayI’ll be honest, I live in Kissimmee but when people ask what’s good to eat here, I usually reply “Nothing really.”  Not until I found Dolce Bakery & Cafe.  I can’t believe it’s been here 4 years and I’ve never noticed it!  It’s on Osceola Parkway near Old Dixie Highway.  It was a hidden for me, but fear not, the Feisty Foodist finds her way.

DolceInteriorI go inside and instantly, the display of pastries welcomes me.  OOOOOHHH….  It’s very bright in here.  Am I in Miami?  Modern decor, the amazing aroma of fresh coffee.  I’m looking at all the baked goods, everything looks great.   You know that kid in the candy store?  Yep, that’s how I’m feeling right now.  So many choices!  The staff is very friendly here and quite helpful as well.  My friend and I decide to each pick an item.  I’ve got to get some café con leche too.


My fresh fruit berry tart was AH-MAY-ZING!  What would I have done to make it better?  Nothing.  The crème pâtissière (pastry cream) was perfect and the pâte sucrée (sweet tart dough) was a beautiful golden color.  In general, I typically don’t eat all of the crust/dough (usually because it’s overbaked/too dry/bleh) but this tart was done just right.  The café con leche was good as well.  The guava and cheese pastry was tasty but not the best one I’ve ever had.  Still really enjoyable though.  I’m stuffed from lunch earlier or else I would have ordered more items!


Overall, this a great spot!  Indoor and outdoor seating is available.  For those not into sweets, there are other menu items such as salads, sandwiches and breakfast items.

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Mizu Japanese Steakhouse

Mizu Interior

I finally decided to try the Japanese steakhouse close to my place.  In general, I try to be open minded and give places a fair shot but for some reason, I never thought to try Mizu Japanese Steakhouse.  I would receive coupons for this place and I’d drive past it fairly often.  The ultimate reason I finally decided to go, was because one of my friends said it was good.  Alright, let’s give it a go, I suppose.

Mizu is conveniently located across the Loop, next to Best Buy.  The huge ad banner stood tall in front of the establishment.  This place sure loves to do advertisements.  I walk inside, greeted by the host.  So far, it smells good in here, everything looks clean, I think I might be pleasantly surprised.  After I get seated, I’m waiting for my server.   Waitng… and waiting..  As I wait, I look around the interior.  It’s actually much more spacious than I had realized.  I do like the interior, it’s got a nice warm feel to it.  There’s the dining area, sushi bar and the hibachi tables.  Ah!  He finally arrives, seems like a nice fellow although perhaps a bit frazzled?  The kind of frazzled where you’ve been running around and need a breather.  It’s a Friday, not going to let it bother me. Mizu Interior


The menu is fairly extensive, nothing really interesting strikes out, the typical fare expected at a Japanese steakhouse.  Same goes for the sushi menu.  I ended getting the Maki combo which consists of 1 California roll, 1 spicy salmon roll, 1 tuna roll.  When you order this combo, it comes with salad and Miso soup.  Or so they say.  I have had my fair share of Miso soup and I received Mushroom soup.  I’m not complaining, just stating it’s not what’s listed on the menu.  I enjoyed the soup, warm and flavorful.  Next up, was the salad.  Iceberg lettuce, 1 cherry tomato and some carrots.  The dressing was definitely mayonnaise based and it was a creamy citrus-like sweet dressing.  And yes, let’s not forget the water at the bottom of my salad.  Good thing I wasn’t really trying to eat that much salad anyways.





Well, I’m not going to let some watery salad ruin my experience!  My maki combo comes out and what’s this orange thing?  Ah, a palm tree made from a carrot and some parsley on top.  How cute?  It’s nice to have some garnishes but this one threw me off.  Hmm…  Presentation is ok, I suppose.  Flavors were alright. Nothing to write home about, aside from my carrot tree.  Perhaps it’s just that culinary school side of me, but garnishes are suppose to have a purpose.



Hibachi Special

Since I’m a glutton, I ordered a hibachi dinner.  The chicken, steak, and shrimp.  Honestly, I’ve been to enough Japanese steakhouses that I wasn’t interested in watching the little show.  I’m all about the food!  Let me tell you, they sure don’t shortchange you on food.  Wow, my plate was filled to the max.  Unfortunately, the flavors weren’t all there.  I absolutely love shrimp but this was on the verge of being overcooked.  You know when it’s a bit too firm?  Sigh, boy do I love me some shrimp but this… was pushing it for me.  Also, the steak which I ordered medium well was just well done.  All the proteins (the chicken, shrimp, steak) was pretty much on the overdone side.  The “special white sauce” was very a little extra on the liquid side.  The vegetables were fair.  On a random note, the zucchini was peeled.

Is it bad that my favorite part of the meal were my noodles and rice?  The noodles were garlicky, my rice was seasoned well.  Needless to say, I definitely got my carbs in this evening.


So final thoughts on this place?  I probably won’t ever go back here UNLESS I’m just being super lazy and I don’t want to travel far.  Overall, just stick to Kobé Japanese Steakhouse.


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Usually, I don’t enjoy that many restaurants in Kissimmee.  Off on 192, near the Osceola Square Mall is Tarantino’s Italian restaurant.  I’ve driven past it a few times but never really took notice of it.  I decided to go there for dinner.

Upon entering the restaurant, the hostess was quick to seat me.  The typical “elevator music” was playing, a bit too loud.  I ordered the stuffed mushroooms with crab meat.  Yummy!  Mushrooms!  They looked great although I guess I just so happen to be a big fan of garlic, so it was a bit lacking in the garlic department for me.  Sigh.


As I ate my stuffed mushrooms, the server brought out my bread.  I’ve been trying to follow a Paleo-esque diet but it can be very challenging especially being in an Italian restaurant.  Tonight, I shall enjoy my bread and pasta!  The bread was warm and served with a pesto/olive oil dipping sauce.  Mmmm..bread.  Then my salad came out, just a standard side salad with a balsamic vinaigrette.  Sometimes, I forget how much food restaurants give you.

Ah… the main entree.  The “stuffed basa”.  I happen to love seafood.  Actually, I love all food but that’s beside the point.  The stuffed basa entree consists of the fish stuffed with crab meat cooked in a garlic, butter, and white wine sauce.  Ah, finally, the garlic flavor is coming through! The linguine was cooked perfectly.  And a lot of it too, I must say.  Probably about 1.5 to 2 cups of pasta.  I would definitely recommend this dish.

Ah, onto dessert.  I got the creme brulee.  It’s always a fantastic choice although the one I ordered was a bit on the, charred side.  Someone got a little too happy using the blowtorch.  I ate around the burnt sugar, otherwise it was creamy and delicious.  It didn’t have any additional flavors, just the typical goodness.  Random funny story to mention, while I was at this restaurant.  I watched an older female at another table, grab ice from her cup of water with her bare hands. She then places the ice into a cup of wine and then drank the wine from a straw.  I silently shuddered inside for I too once had ice in my red wine.  Reluctantly, I might add as far as for me.  I’ll tell you one thing, ice and red wine do not mix.  BLEH.

If you’re thinking of going to Olive Garden for some odd reason (aside from the Never-ending pasta, which I don’t ever do anyways) then go to Tarantino’s!  You will get much better quality food and service.

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