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Sal’s Ristorante in Beaver Falls, PA

Sal's Green-n-Beans

Oh Sal’s Ristorante & Bar, I’m glad I’ve found you!  Traveling outside the Pittsburgh area, the boyfriend and I managed to come back here twice during our short stay.  Sal’s has a slight nostalgic feel with darker colors inside and the pictures of actresses from that old Hollywood era.  The servers here are friendly, and you can see they help each other out.

The menu is extensive and some of the appetizers would be excellent choices as a meal alone.

Sal's Green-n-BeansSal's GodfatherThe Godfather had banana peppers stuffed with pork, with shrimps and scallops in a flavorful tomato sauce on top.  This was a hearty appetizer.  The beans-n-greens didn’t sound that appealing but this again was another hearty appetizer.  Sauteed escarole, white beans and Italian sausage.  Delicious!

If you’re a veal lover, they do not have any veal dishes here.  Lots of pasta, calzones, pizza, salads, and burgers, sandwiches.


Sal's Vegetarian CalzoneI ordered the Vegetarian Calzone with ham added to it.  This calzone was HUGE.  Definitely did not eat it in one sitting.  I ate my calzone with a side of marinara.  (ask for some garlic powder, it tastes great in the marinara.)

The boyfriend ordered the Chicken Oscar.  Chicken, crab meat, alfredo sauce, tomato sauce, and angel hair.  It was huge.  After he ate it all, he asked our server if he won a t-shirt for finishing it.  Ha!  The dish was good but heavy.

Sal's Chicken Oscar


The next time I came back, I was determined to get a pizza.  I ordered the Shrimp Scampi pizza.  It was tasty, my only complaint is that I wished it had more broccoli on it.  But then again, I just like lots of veggies.  Although I didn’t order any of the salads here, I could see they were quite large.

The only thing I wasn’t so fond of, were the breadsticks.  It tasted ok and the dipping oil was mediocre for me.  Aside from that, everything else I ate was really enjoyable.

As far as desserts go, tiramisu was pretty good.  Also another heavy item.  I opted for a sundae with chocolate AND caramel the second time.  Wild child, I know.

Sal's TiramisuThis is a great place to check out if you’re in the area!




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Ynot Pizza & Italian Cuisine Ghent


YnotExteriorYnot Pizza & Italian Cuisine is a local restaurant chain in the Hampton Roads area.  There are five locations, two of which are in Norfolk, VA.  I went to the Ghent location on Colley Avenue.  I remember when this used to be Szechuan in Ghent.  You really can’t tell that it used to be a Chinese restaurant here.

I decided to come here because I wanted a good salad for an affordable price.  Through the power of Internet search, I found a blog listing “Best Salads in Hampton Roads“.  I saw Ynot at the top of the list, and figured I’d give it a go.  My friends had told me the “it’s good” but that really doesn’t say much.

Parking can be a bit tight, there’s street parking available but I just parked behind the restaurant.  The interior is spacious , outdoor seating is also available.  I had Alex as my server, she was very nice and prompt.  I had met up with my friends and we all ordered something different.


YnotSaladChopI came here with a plan, I hadn’t had a good salad in awhile and hoped Ynot would not disappoint.  They have a “Custom Made Chop Salad” where you get the paper and make your selections.  The salad starts off at $5.95 but with the addition of cheese, meats, other veggies, it’ll add up quickly.  You pick your greens, toppings, meat/cheeses, dressing, and style of chop.  I ordered the mesclun, broccoli, alfalfa sprouts, mushrooms, bacon, and fat-free raspberry vinaigrette.  There are definitely lot of options here so it’s a great place for a vegetarian.  Yum!   I am definitely a fan!  Although the flatbread crisps on the side didn’t do much for me.


YnotDeluxePizzaOne of my friends ordered the Deluxe Pizza.  It has pepperoni, black olives, green bell peppers, sausage and mushrooms.  Her and I agreed the pizza wasn’t that good.  The crust was terribly hard to chew through like ciabatta but even more dense.  I just wasn’t feeling this pizza.  I mean I’m not saying it’s terrible but it certainly wasn’t great.  My friend typically likes to cut through her pizza with a fork.  Don’t ask me why, but she does.  And I just watched her struggle.  And continue to struggle.  One good note, this pizza isn’t super greasy.


YnotLasagnaMy other friend ordered the lasagna which included a garden salad and Italian bread.  Nothing too special about this.  I do not recommend ordering this dish.  Yes, it was a good portion size; however, it was bland.  I’d give it points for giving a comfort food feeling but it would have definitely been better with more flavorful sauce.






YnotGelatoDisplayYnot offers different menu items aside from the pizza, salad and the main entrées such as subs, pasta and dessert.  Oooh, desserts.  They have a display cake of the baked goods and gelato.  I ordered the wildberry gelato.  MMMM…  I liked the gelato here and there’s quite of bit of variety to choose from.


In general, Ynot is a good option with an extensive menu.  I’d definitely come back for more salad and gelato.

Sun – Thurs: 11am – 11pm
Fri & Sat: 11am – Midnight
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Bella Donnas Gainesville

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Bella Donna’s Italian Eatery on University Ave looks mediocre on the outside but I was surprised once I saw the menu inside.  If you’re a vegetarian,  there are toppings you don’t usually see in a typical pizza place such as eggplant and broccoli.  For the veggie lovers and the meat lovers, you’ll definitely find something to eat here.  They do sell pizza-by-the-slice for $1.75.  Seriously!?  For pizza that cheap, can it actually be good?  Well, for the price and the size, I’m quite content.

I had the Buffalo chicken pizza.   It was a hand tossed white pizza with hot sauce,  chopped breaded chicken pieces and some Bleu cheese.  The pizza crust was a bit on the hard side.  The pizza itself was a bit on the greasy side, but that is to be expected.

The staff was friendly and the food was quick.  It is minimalistic in here but that’s expected since it’s not some fine dining establishment.  This is a place to come if you’re on a budget (such as a college student, perhaps?).

I’d recommend this place.



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Pastamoré Ristorante and Market

I am going to just start off by saying, I’m not a food snob by any means.  This is not to say, I will ANYTHING.  Some places you would expect a little more caliber and unfortunately, Pastamoré does not deliver.  I went there tonight since I had a hankering for pizza.  I had just left the Red Coconut Club and wanted a little something yummy in my tummy.  Pastamoré is located right on the corner at City Walk, always busy so one would imagine it should be at least average.  The menu seemed promising with a variety of items such as pizza, salad, subs, pasta, cookies and other desserts.  I didn’t even want any desserts but the size of the cookie were HUGE!  No!  Must not give in to dessert, I want my pizza dagnabit!

I went to check out the pizza that was available.  You get only two options, cheese or pepperoni.  Now, it’s about 1 in the morning and some could say, you can’t expect much at this time of the night but still…. It’s pizza!  So, it seemed like a safe bet.  My order was promptly taken then waiting for the food took awhile.  I’m standing there and I see the pizza right in front of my face.  Good thing I wasn’t terribly hungry or else “She-Hulk” was about to come out!  So, I’m wondering if they needed to heat up the pizza…  Why else am I just standing here, staring it?  Eventually, they gave me my pizza.  It looked ok, but it was lukewarm and just not very appetizing.  For $3.29, this may be the worst slice of pepperoni pizza I have ever ate.  I really mean “ever”.  I usually take a picture of any meal prior to eating but this time, I’m just going to show the aftermath.

Yes, I did deface my pizza.   I used my crust to scoop up my cheese and pepperoni, salvaging anything worth eating and left the disgusting dough on my plate.  This tasted like a lunchables pizza that just sat out enough to get to room temperature. How disappointing, le sigh.  Growing up in my family, we never wasted food.  Usually even if it’s not the greatest, I still will eat it for the most part but this time, I just had to let it go.

Surely, the pepperoni pizza would have been better tasting than the cheese!!  Nope.  Would I even dare to say what would be unimaginable?  That this pizza is worst than Chuck-E-Cheese pizza?  Perhaps it is, perhaps.  I did look at some other reviews and it seemed like a hit-or-miss thing.   It seems as if it could be better when the actual restaurant side is open?  I’ll tell you what, I don’t intend on returning to find out.


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