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Oishi Prawn Crackers


I love me all sorts of snacks and treats.  During a trip at an Oriental Market, I picked up some prawn crackers.  It looks like french fries with a salty, shrimp flavor.  Oishi Prawn Crackers are from the Phillipines.


If you get a large bag or don’t finish the current one, I suggest put a chip clip on it and refrigerate it.  It loses its’ crispness fairly fast as compared to other snacks.  Also, random note… it does have MSG.  I ate these crackers two separate times and fell asleep.  It was still good though. :p



Happy Snacking!


Homemade Potato Chips

Homemade chips
What to do with a sack of potatoes?  I didn’t want to eat mashed potatoes for days so at first I thought I’d make potato bread.  How much potato bread can one person eat?  Then I realized many potato bread recipe used instant mashed potatoes rather than real potatoes.  Interesting.  Well, next idea…. Potato chips!  Ah, I love potato chips.  So addicting!  I could never just eat one chip.  One chips goes to two chips, and then oops, the bag is gone.  Then regret soon follows.  All those extra calories consumed as I stare at my empty bag of chips.  So, how about healthy potato chips?  It’s exists!  And without compromising flavor.
Garlic Salt Microwave Potato Chips 
  1. Peel potatoes (optional). If you have fresher potatoes, then it’d probably be tasty with the skin on. I peeled mines.
  2. Rinse potato.
  3. Use mandoline on the lowest setting, or if you don’t have a mandoline, try to cut the potato slices as thin and evenly as possible. If you want to keep the slices in water to prevent oxidation, remember to dry the potatoes before putting it in the microwave.
  4. Use parchment paper, microwavable plate or the glass tray itself. I sprayed with PAM, then added the seasonings (in this case, garlic salt).                                                                                                      ♦ Instead of PAM, I have seen recipes with olive oil, or no oil at all. If you opt to use no oil, make sure the surface the potato chips are going on are non-stick or else you’ll have a fun time prying the chips off. Also, you can sprinkle the seasonings on top or after the chips are done. From my trials, I have found that placing the seasonings underneath works best.
  5. Place potatoes on the plate/paper/tray. If you have more on there, it will need to cook longer.
  6. It will take 2-8 minutes, and depends on your microwave. Once you see it slightly brown, stop the microwave. Let it cool and enjoy!
So for me, I have a microwave that is 950 watts. I used a microwavable dinner plate, and it took me at 4 minutes 30 seconds for each batch.
The chips were crunchy like kettle cooked chips.  You don’t have to feel as guilty about eating these chips.  On a side note, I was at bed bath and beyond the other day (I love that store!) and they had potato chip makers for the microwave.  I didn’t think it was necessary to buy that but if it works, why not?  Whatever works for you, go for it!