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Oblivion Taproom Revisited

Pork Lover's Pigout

OblivionExteriorI tell people about this place all the time yet I hadn’t been here in awhile.  It’s been more than half a year since wrote my first post about Oblivion.  After a thrilling game of bowling,  I had a hankering for some good drinks and good food.  Well, Oblivion doesn’t disappoint.  What I said the first time about Oblivion still stands true.  I had great service and the food was very good.

OliverBeanBlossomPeachCiderCider lovers, you will not be disappointed!  (And all the other beer folks too, of course.)  The cider list here is quite extensive.  I ordered the Oliver Beanblossom Hard Peach Cider. I’ve had a few different flavors before and they’re all very tasty.  You’d be surprised to find out that it’s 8% ABV.

OblivionPorkLoversPigout1Soooo hungry but I really had a hard time deciding what to get.  It all sounded tasty but the pork rinds keep jumping out at me.  Fine, I’m going for it, the Pork Lovers Pigout.  Pork rinds with jalapeño cheese sauce, jalapeños and pulled pork on top.  I was really digging the pork rinds, jalapeños and the cheese sauce.  Crispy, salty, spicy, yum!  The pulled pork?  Not so much.  I know it’s the Pork Lovers Pigout but it was too much pork for me.  Or rather, the pulled pork wasn’t doing much for me.  Perhaps if the meat was smoked or had a different type of sauce to accent it more?  I didn’t use much of the salsa but the cumin-lime sour cream was good.  This was pretty much a pork rind play on nachos.  Timing is the essence with this dish since the pork rinds started to get soggy from the cheese.  Some of the pork rinds were so large, I was so glad there was a napkin dispenser.  Messy might have been an understatement with me.  Overall, I’d order this again sans pulled pork.


OblivionYou'reMyBoyBleuBurgerI also ordered the “You’re My Boy Bleu” burger.  This burger was really good.  Not greasy, good portion and on a brioche bun.  Pretty minimalistic, just a seasoned beef patty with lettuce, tomato and smoked bleu cheese.  The tater tots were also super tasty.  When you order a sandwich/burger, you pick your side and then you pick your seasoning.  I selected the tater tots with the Hawaiian Raw Garlic seasoning.  I was curious what made it Hawaiian but apparently, it’s just raw garlic seasoning.  It just happens to be that Hawaiians like raw garlic a lot.  Well, that’s good to know because I thought the “Hawaiian” was going to indicate some sort of sweet flavoring.  I thought the tots were really good although I didn’t get that strong raw garlic flavor.  There was some cheese sauce left from my “Pork Lovers Pigout” which went fantastic with the tots.

As a random piece of info, Oblivion does have free wifi.  I ran a speed test (out of curiosity) and got a download speed of 6,377 kbps.  Nice!


All in all, this is a great spot for the beer lovers and the adventurous eaters.  Be forewarned, you’ll leave here a happy glutton.

Tuesday – Saturday 4pm-2am
Sunday 4pm-12am
Closed Monday
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Willy’s Mexicana Grill Gainesville



Willy’s Mexicana Grill is located on Archer Road among all the other restaurants.  I really didn’t have a craving for anything in particular but I was in the mood to try a new place.  It’s set up like Moe’s or Chipotle where the employees make the meal in front of you.  To the left, there’s the big menu board.  For the vegetarians out there, they have tofu and of course, lots of fresh veggies.WillysMexicanaGrillInterior

I selected the burrito bowl for my meal.  One time, I made the mistake of eating a whole humongous burrito one time and suffered a horrible tummy ache.  No more, I say, no more!  Sorry, horrible flashback.  My burrito bowl consisted of the rice, black beans, cilantro-garlic steak, salsa, cilantro, cheese, lettuce, black olives, tomatillo sauce, and corn salsa.  Chips come on the side.


WillysMexicanaGrillBurritoBowlMy verdict: “ehh.”  The food is definitely fresh but it seemed like it was lacking.  I needed some extra OOMPH.  My “cilantro-garlic steak” wasn’t that flavorful, quite a shame really since it sounded tasty.   I even went up to the salsa bar and tried to pizzazz my burrito bowl with different sauces.  The chips were good, very thin and crispy.  You’ll get a generous portion but for the flavor, I’d go elsewhere.  Service was good, food could be better.WillysMexicanaGrillBurritoBowlSideView

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Hot Krust Panini Kitchen


HotKrustExteriorI walked into Hot Krust Panini Kitchen not knowing anything about it and left loving it.  Recently, I had an opportunity to attend an event where I got to sample many of the food items.  I meet the owner Evan Dimov and he’s so genuinely nice and super passionate about this place!  Everything is fresh, no processed meats, the meats are actually roasted in house and they don’t even have a deep fryer.  I did have a little difficulty locating this place.  It’s somewhat hidden from the main road of Turkey Lake but it’s next to Barnie’s right by the Whole Foods.  I really came in here with no expectations aside from knowing that they offered sandwiches.  As I entered inside, I get a sense of a simple, clean, and open atmosphere.  The menu is on a screen above the registers.  It’s definitely got this “new” appeal in here.  By the soda fountain, there are Fat Cat hot sauces which are locally based.  The Purry-purry sauce was my favorite, garlicky flavor with a medium level of heat.




I had the cactus chili first.  It was hearty but not the typical dense chili I was accustomed to.  The menu description lists: “Savory cactus, ground beef, diced tomatoes, onions, corn, northern beans & spinach in a spicy broth.”  Spicy broth?  Well, it wasn’t THAT spicy which is fine since some people’s heat tolerance can be quite low.  The cactus chili wasn’t just a name, it actually had cactus in it.  That was a first for me but no complaints on my end.  Next, I tried the waffle fries.  Hot Krust offers three types of waffle fries where are regular, spicy and sweet potato.  These fries are actually baked so I didn’t feel as guilty about eating them.

Then I see the Burgernini “HK Monster”.  Wow, what is this?  I took a bite and wanted more!  The  100% Angus beef burger patty was cooked perfectly.   Wait, am I eating fries in it too?  Yep but it works especially with the BBQ-honey mustard sauce.  I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of a burgernini before but whatever this is, it’s just great.  The actual size of this sandwich is an 8 ounce burger on a huge bun.  The Cowboy Jack was my second favorite sandwich.  It has steak, horseradish peppercorn, black olives, tomatoes, spinach, red onions and Monterrey Jack cheese.  Fear not, the horseradish peppercorn is mild.  It does sound a bit intense but the sandwich is seriously fantastic.

The Florentine chicken panini had roasted chicken, sundried tomatoes,  havarti cheese, spinach,  lite mayo & pesto sauce.  It was really good.  And I mean, really good.  The Buffalo Bill Chicken (chicken, buffalo sauce, onions, jalapeno peppers, lettuce, provolone cheese and blue cheese crumbles) was a bit strong on the blue cheese flavor.  A little blue cheese definitely goes a long way and in this instance it managed to overpower the other ingredients.

My vegetarian friends, I can assure you the veggie sandwiches here are great.  The Alibaba Veggie (hummus, fresh mozzarella, red onions, lettuce and tomatoes) was good but Veggie Vacation (freshly roasted portobello mushroom, Swiss cheese, bell pepper, pesto, spinach, red onions and tomatoes) was even better.  They definitely don’t skimp out on the toppings here.

The Sangria Shrimp was “different”.  It has grilled shrimp glazed with sangria vinaigrette, pesto, red roasted pepper, spinach and provolone cheese.  I’m sure there’ll be fans of this one but it was a tad too sweet for me.  I do appreciate the originality of this sandwich.  If they have any chocolate chip cookies, go for it.  MMMM cookies…..  My only gripe would be that I wish the chicken wings were a bit more crisp aside from that, everything really was enjoyable.

I’ve tried enough sandwiches here that I bet everybody will find something they’ll like.  The price of the food is definitely reasonable considering the quality of the food here.


This place may be small but the flavor certainly isn’t!

Mon-Sat: 8am-8pm
Closed on Sundays

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Greens & Grille Millenia


So I finally stopped in to see what Greens & Grille was about.  Why has it taken me so long?!  Well, let’s see…Whenever I drive past this place, it looks closed.  That dark tint threw me off and then the restaurant didn’t really stand out to me.  The sign looked gimmicky or perhaps TOO healthy.  I don’t know, there was just something that never made me stop in to eat there.  Also, I didn’t know anyone else who had ate there before.  Finally someone I knew ate there and just raved about it.  Well, you don’t have to twist my arm to get me to eat food!  Maybe bone marrow.  Maybe.  As soon as I walked in, I see the menu on the wall to the left.  It’s got nice, vibrant colors in here.  As soon you walk up to the counter, the employee takes your order.  It’s not till the end of the line where you pay for your meal.  In between the trip from the ordering station to the register you’ll pass the salad station and then the grill station.






I was a little overwhelmed at first.  It seems so simple, salad or sandwich but the choices were abundant.  If you weren’t feeling either option then you could also order some grilled items.  I selected the “steak house salad”.  The menu description reads: ‘Mixed greens, candied almonds, sliced egg, cranberries, grilled onions, bleu cheese with aged sherry thyme dressing served with flank steak.’  There’s always a moment of ‘will the description match the dish’ and in this instance, it really did.  I thoroughly enjoyed my salad.  The portion was generous, the flavors were great!  I kept eating more than I should have but it was just so good!  Even the candied almonds were amazing.  Instead of just roasting whole almonds or roasted pieces, they used sliced almonds.  The great part about this was the fact that it was candied all together so there was a layering effect and then broken into pieces.  Thus more flavor achieved and easier chewing.  My flank steak was very tender and flavorful.  I tried some of the baked mac and cheese, pretty tasty as well.GreensGrilleSteakHouse

I like how Greens & Grille uses half sheet trays as trays for the customer.  How resourceful!  The employees were quick and attentive. My only quip would be that the outdoor seating was so crowded. I thoroughly enjoyed this place and will definitely return for more!

Mon-Sat: 11am-9pm
Sun: 11am-8pm

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Taco Bus Tampa


Two words.  Taco Bus.  I’ve heard about it but I hadn’t ever been there.  Well, no better time than now to try it out!  I’m on my way to go see Muse in Tampa and I’m in need of some good food.  It’s number 1 for Cheap Eats for the Urbanspoon Tampa Bay area.  There are quite a few locations in the area but I decided to go to the one in Tampa.  Located on Hillsborough, near 275 it’s in an easily accessible location.  There was ample parking.  To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of food trucks.  Often times, I find that it’s too greasy but I know it isn’t always the case.  I see the bright yellow bus with the menu in front.  Oh man!  The choices, I’m getting pretty excited.  I’m here at the Taco Bus, so I’m definitely going to get some tacos.  They also have burritos, quesadillas, ceviche, desserts and other items.  Ok, step 1. Taco.  Next, the protein.  Man, I want it all!




A server comes by and informs me that there’s a seating area available.  Awesome, I can sit down and figure this out.  I looked around and there’s an “outdoor” seating area and also an indoor seating area.  I really like this, getting food truck food and having actual places to sit.  I’m looking for any unique items on the menu.  The beef tongue is jumping out at me.  I’m definitely going to have to get that.  The do have a 2 taco deal for $8.99 which includes 2 tacos, rice and refried beans.  Personally, I’d rather forego the rice and beans for another taco, so I’m going to get three tacos instead.  I’m in the mood to get some different meats rather than the traditional carne asada.  Ok, I think I’m finally done.  1. Fish taco 2. Beef tongue taco 3.Cochinita Pibil taco.  I really liked all the colors going on.  Fresh flavor, some pickled veggies, I’m digging it.  The tacos were a double-ply of the corn tortilla but it worked out since it had so many toppings.  I didn’t eat all of the tortillas (I find it a bit much at times) but I was glad to have it though.  The fish taco was fried, white cream sauce was a bit reminiscent of mayo.  (Which I’m not the biggest fan of.)  Next up, the beef tongue.  I’m trying to think of how beef tongue “should” taste.  Not.. quite sure.  I remember the last time I was adventurous with a taco, I wasn’t too pleased since it was pork rind taco.  It was nothing what I had imagined.  This time, I figured it would be meaty-like.  I didn’t think I was ever going to say this statement but…”That is some good beef tongue there!”  I was truly surprised.  Beef tongue?  Who knew what delicious it entailed?  (Too bad it wasn’t an oxtail taco, then the “entailed” comment would have really worked.)  Wow.  Last but not least, I had the cochinita pibil taco.  The menu describes it as “Shredded Pork marinated in Achiote and bitter orange, then wrapped in banana leaves and slow roasted in a smoker  (BASED ON A 5,000 YEAR OLD MAYAN RECIPE!)”  It’s definitely not spicy but flavorful.  I could taste the bitter orange.  All in all, everything was great.


2tacodealMy friend ordered the 2 taco deal with carne asada, rice and beans.  For the vegetarians out there, you’ll be glad to know the rice and beans are vegetarian friendly.  The rice was “okay” for me.  It had corn, carrots, and peas in it.  Both the rice and beans were fluffy.  The menu also had some seasonal drinks and also horchata.  Horchata is a sweet drink made from rice, condensed milk, vanilla and cinnamon.  It was very sweet, a little too sweet for my tastebuds.  (Although I must say, this drink is really good with some Crown Royal.)  Three tacos in and I’m done.  Everything looked great and I can’t wait to try more.  They have plenty of vegetarian options that actually sounded delicious.  This location is open 24/7, which gives Taco Bus even more cool points.  I’m a night owl and it’d be great to have something else to eat aside from the typical Denny’s.  I’m sold on this place and I’ll definitely swing on by here next time I’m in Tampa.





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